What Skills Do You Need For a Future-Proof IT Career?

//What Skills Do You Need For a Future-Proof IT Career?

According to a new Hays report, professionals looking to develop future-proof digital skills need to consider areas such as computer security, business intelligence, data science/big data, DevOps, and the development of JavaScript and UX/UI. The challenges of digital transformation and data are overheating the so-called talent war, and Hays emphasizes that software development skills are now vital to most of the areas that offer the most significant opportunities for professional growth.

It’s not digital native organizations that embrace the latest transformation technologies, but even the most traditional organizations are making strategic investments to ensure they remain relevant in the digital world. If job-seekers have what it takes to help them, they will likely face a breakthrough in their careers.

The report shows that large organizations are eager to hire information security specialists, particularly in finance, utilities and the retail industry, and how they are fighting to attract the best talent. In the area of business intelligence, Hays specified that when companies increase their investments in the protection, management, and use of their data, candidates with BI skills are highly sought after to help guide operational decision-making.

Besides, with the ever-expanding data size coupled with machine learning and predictive analytics, Hays said that a range of skills and roles would be created. Engineers with in-depth scripting skills will also be in high demand (especially JavaScript). Both large and small companies will then strive to improve their customer experience, paving the way for the development and design of UX/UI.

JavaScript is perhaps the most important skill that developers will need to investigate in the near future. Developers should try to gain experience in creating applications with these technologies in a commercial environment, especially with Node.JS, Angular.JS, and React.JS.

Hays published its Specialist Recruitment report, which showed that the developers of PHP and Drupal were two of the most sought-after figures and, especially in the case of large companies, develop with Drupal will be seen as a skill of enormous importance.

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  1. Ogeto Omwancha June 2, 2018 at 6:17 pm - Reply

    As digital technology continues to creep into all aspects of business and our areas of expertise, in the past, factory employees who assembled the same machinery over and over again were the only ones who were worried about robots taking over their jobs. At present, even waiters and drivers are caught up in this fear. Today’s entire generation of employees, including high-paying professionals are on the verge of being replaced. The future seems to be uncertain as professionals doubt whether their work would be outsourced or assigned to automation software. In light of this dichotomy, it becomes critical that individuals take proactive steps to ensure their skills development are best-in-class and relevant to the jobs that will define the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is true that digital technology has the power to shape our economy and our career landscape. Indeed, it already has. But it shouldn’t be seen as a limitation; it should remind us that we have many important skills that can’t be automated or pre-programmed. Robots may well be our future co-workers, so we’ll have to learn to work collaboratively, leveraging our own unique talents to complement theirs.

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