10 Courses And Certifications to Become Data Scientist

//10 Courses And Certifications to Become Data Scientist

The data scientist is one of the emerging jobs in the IT landscape. According to Glassdoor, it is the best work that can be done, while the Harvard Business Review has defined it as the sexiest work of the 21st century. If you are looking to enter this field, or if you want to stand out from the competition, it is essential to invest in training.

Data science is important in different sectors, but the skills required by breeders vary from company to company. Certifications are a great way to update your skills and develop new ones, especially those that are hard to find in the industry you want. Being able to demonstrate your skills through certification ensures that recruiters and hiring managers know what you can offer the company.

Below we offer a selection of courses and certifications to become data scientists. Difficulty levels vary: some courses are aimed at recent graduates with less work experience, others are suitable for IT professionals who already have significant professional experience. They are all online, so they can be followed by anyone interested, compatibly their time availability and their goals.

1. Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) – Data Analyst

The CCA exam certifies the fundamental knowledge required of developers, data analysts, database administrators, and business intelligence experts. Passing a CCA exam and obtaining certification allows you to demonstrate to the current or potential employer that you possess the basic skills required to become a data scientist. It is also an excellent starting point for those who are at the beginning of their career and cannot yet boast important work experience.

Cost: $ 295 per exam
Validity: registration is valid for two years

2. Cloudera Certified Professional: CCP Data Engineer

Once the CCA certification is achieved, it is possible to continue with the CCP tests, which Cloudera describes as one of the most rigorous and demanding “performance-based” certifications. Those wishing to obtain a CCP must demonstrate that they have “extensive experience in the development of data engineering solutions,” as well as a “high level of mastery” of basic data science skills.

Cost: 600 per attempt – each attempt includes three exams

Validity: registration is valid for three years

3. DataCamp

DataCamp courses are aimed at IT professionals working in the technology, finance and healthcare sectors. However, the DataCamp program is useful for anyone interested in data science. In addition to acquiring skills, through the courses students can practice and apply the knowledge learned to real-world problems through practical projects.

Cost: free with limited access, $29 per month with a monthly subscription, $25 per month with an annual subscription
Validity: monthly or yearly, depending on the plan subscribed.

4. Dataquest

Dataquest is based on teaching through “interactive challenges” among students rather than traditional lessons. This method allows you to program and work with data, receiving feedback as you progress. It is possible to choose between the preparation paths for Data Scientist, Data Engineer or Data Analyst, each of which promises to students who will get the skills necessary to start a career in data.

Cost: free with limited access, $ 29 per month for a basic account, $ 49 per month for a premium account
Validity: monthly or yearly, depending on the plan subscribed

5. Dell EMC Proven Professional

Dell EMC offers a broad portfolio of certifications that is described as “the best certification and training program in the information management and information storage industry”. Once the exam is passed, the proven certification is obtained. The certification path in data science offers both a basic level and a more advanced specialist level.

Cost: $ 200 per exam
Validity: registration is valid for two years

6. IBM Applied AI with DeepLearning

The course is part of the IBM Advanced Data Science Certificate and is offered via Coursera. It is aimed at those who already have programming skills, preferably in Python, but other programming languages are also accepted for access. Recommended requirements include mathematical skills, especially in linear algebra, but the course promises to address these topics within the first week.

Cost: $ 79
Scheduled Duration: 4 weeks, 4-6 hours of study per week
Validity: the course has no expiration date

7. Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert

MCSE certifications cover a wide range of IT specializations and skills, including data science. For data science certifications Microsoft offers two courses, one focused on business applications and one focused on data management and analysis. Each course requires certification as part of the MCSE program as a prerequisite, so you must verify that you have the necessary qualifications before registering.

Cost: € 165 per exam per trial
Validity: registration is valid for three years

8. Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science

The Professional Program in Data Science focuses on eight specific skills: T-SQL, Microsoft Excel, PowerBI, Python, R, Azure Machine Learning, HDInsight, and Spark. Microsoft says there are over 1.5 million open positions for candidates with these skills. Preparation classes are available on demand and can be followed in the preferred order.

Cost: it is necessary to purchase credit through EdX; some materials are free
Duration: 6 weeks, with a suggested commitment of 2/4 hours per week
Validity: no expiration

9. SAS Academy for Data Science

SAS Academy for Data Science includes two programs: one focused on big data and one on data analysis. A unified path is also available, which provides for both big data and data analysis. All three routes are a great way to gain visibility and experience using data science tools through hands-on learning, training, case studies and access to the SAS community.

Cost: the individual courses cost € 2,750 per annual license, the unified path costs € 5,400 per annual license
Validity: the credentials do not expire, but the examinations foreseen by the path could be modified according to the variation of the software.

10. Springboard Introduction to Data Science

The Springboard data science introduction course covers all the basic topics for starting a career as a data scientist. It focuses on R programming, statistics, the organization of data sets, decisions based on data, communication of results with stakeholders and also professional orientation. The completion of the course and the consequent certification offers a portfolio that helps to find work in companies or as a freelancer.

Cost: $ 499 per month
Expected duration: 2 to 4 months
Validity: has no expiry date

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