Viv – The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

///Viv – The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

Siri has a smarter heir and called Viv. The digital assistant, presented by Dag Kittlaus (the creator of Siri) also answers to complex questions and is more open than its predecessor.

In fact, the platform allows integration with third-party services, offering the most comprehensive human-machine interaction. Viv is “artificial intelligence that will give life to inanimate objects through conversation.”

Like Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Now, Viv is also an artificial intelligence, so it can handle a wide task category. But unlike other personal assistants, Viv can perform more complex actions and correctly answer more specific questions, such as “There will be more than 70 ° F near the Golden Gate Bridge after 5 PM the day after tomorrow?”. For many questions, the other assistants looking for answers on the web so you can only see the weather in a city, not in a place and at a specific time.

Viv follows a similar approach to bot Facebook Messenger, Amazon and Alexa, as it can interact with third-party services and can perform various types of tasks, such as sending a sum of money through Venmo, buying a book, the room booking or car rentals.

Viv is designed to be agnostic, so it can be used on every device and every operating system. Instead of having dozens of apps for each service, it will be possible to exploit Viv to handle more services, namely intelligent interface for everything. Kittlaus has not given an exact date, but it only stated that Viv will be available later this year.

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