Panasonic and Future Living Berlin Project

///Panasonic and Future Living Berlin Project

Panasonic is involved directly in the development of Future Living Berlin residential project, which will affect the neighborhood. The announcement comes directly from IFA 2016. This initiative is linked to the concept of smart city that includes the construction of 69 apartments with the latest technology.

Dozens of smart home for singles or families, managers and seniors are to be constructed in need of care. The program also includes the construction of 19 mini-apartments that serve as accommodation and an interactive exhibition space of 600 square meters dedicated to smart living. From solar panels to the storage of ‘ energy in batteries clean, from security systems to those for comfort – the Japanese company will provide its technologies and its product catalog.

Panasonic has already proven in other countries to be able to build cities and smart homes, so it is a major partner in the development of Future Berlin Living. In Tokyo, Panasonic has already lent its support to the construction of the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town, a neighborhood that is located on the outskirts of the city and will be completed in 2020.

Inside, there are systems and solutions designed for a lifestyle connected and related to sustainable energy, security, mobility, and assisted living communities. Other initiatives of this type which are attended by the Japanese group are aimed at places of Tsunashima (Japan), Denver (USA) and Lyon (France).

Future Living Berlin project uses a range of technologies developed by Panasonic, some of which will be visible to prospective residents. The area will be equipped with Panasonic solar panels and energy will be stored in Panasonic battery systems. The company will provide the technology infrastructure and the safety of construction and the assisted living technologies, including some of the latest Smart Home innovations. Panasonic also provides heating technology, cooling and ventilation adapted to the energy management needs of any home.

One of the clearest examples of attention intelligent use of energy resources is the city of Seattle, which has stood for some time as one of the “smart” cities in the world. The local administration has initiated a four-year program, whose goal is to reduce energy consumption by private citizens as well as businesses.

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  1. Daniel Ogeto Omwancha January 19, 2018 at 11:51 am - Reply

    Very interesting article. The big cities of the modern era are singing new tunes of smart city trends – constantly discovering new ideas and ingenious innovations that can fortify the future of these urban areas that consume 75% of the globally available resources through the use of digital technology. One among these cities is the capital of Germany, Berlin, where a mix of smart initiatives are hooking up businesses, government, citizens and smart city managers to achieve a series of benefits from the ever-advancing information science and digital technology. Owing to its smart city strategies, Berlin is ranked among the top 3 cities in Germany and among the top ten cities of Europe. Despite having undergone an arduous period in history and financial crisis, the city has exhibited a great number of achievements worthy of attention. As per the research studies of Interhyp, released in 2016, more than 6% of the German residents(that includes Berlin) live in a house fully equipped with smart technology comprising smart meters, sensors, electronic devices, and appliances. Moreover, 32% of the German population does not dream about the home that’s not smart! It’s the positive willingness and joint effort of people giving a stimulus to the smart city trends. Berlin envisions to use the smart innovations intelligently instead of just incorporating the latest technology for the sake of it. It is a matter of enhancing opportunities and livability in Berlin – ramping up the city with a smart environment.

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