The Meaning of the Most Famous and Ancient Symbols

///The Meaning of the Most Famous and Ancient Symbols

The symbol of Peace, that of Yin and Yang, the lily – all, are universally popular and well-known symbols, but not all know the meaning and context of origin. Parrot Print Canvas has created an interesting infographic that reveals the background of the birth of these famous signs graphics.

The infographic reminds us that the Caduceus, often incorrectly substituted Staff of Asclepius, is the symbol of peace and prosperity associated with Hermes, Greek god of commerce.

The Eye of Providence, which for many is associated with Freemasonry is actually a sign of spirituality and inner elevation in every religion from Christianity to Buddhist.

You already knew the origin of all these symbols?


The Meaning of the Most Famous and Ancient Symbols

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  1. Prottoy September 18, 2017 at 2:34 pm - Reply

    HI, Thanks for sharing your informative and amazing post, I hope everyone will be benefited if they read all of your post. Please write more for us as we learn more. Other important notes about symbols from ancient times is that they often carry more than 1 meaning. For example: a plus sign +, can mean a cross such as in religion or it can mean the 4 cardinal directions, north, south, east and west. Lastly our section on Symbolic Pictures is very interesting. It is the points of view shared by many as to the meanings of some of the most bizarre and ancient photographs of ancient times. thanks again.

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