The 10 Top Courses in the IT Industry

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The 10 best jobs in accordance with IT-ers themselves

10. Software Architect

Average income: $130,000

Job Score: 4.2

Number of jobs: 653

Career Rating: 3.4

The person builds large, complex software applications, and guide software will be deployed in an enterprise.

9. UX designer

Middle income: $91, 800

Job Score: 4.3

Number of jobs: 863

Career Rating: 3.6

The person who makes the looks, touch and interface of the software used by the consumer.

8. QA Manager

Average income: $85,000

Job Score: 4.4

Number of jobs: 3,749

Career mark: 3.4

The Quality Assurance Manager test the software to make sure it works.

7. Software Development Manager

Moderate income: $135,000

Job Score: 4.4

Number of jobs: 1,199

Career mark: 3.4

The person who manages the development of software projects.

6. Analytics Manager

Average income: $105,000

Job Score: 4.5

Number of jobs: 982

Career Rating: 3.7

The person who manages analytics software and processes, the software helps companies to answer business questions by sifting through a database or a big-data.

5. Software Engineer

Average income: $95,000

Job Score: 4.5

Number of jobs: 49 270

Career opportunities Rating: 3.3

A computer programmer. There are many levels of programmers, from entry level to very senior.

4. Product Manager

Moderate income: $106,680

Job Score: 4.5

Number of jobs: 6607

Career Rating: 3.3

The person who manages software development and IT product development projects.

3. Mobile Developer

Average income: $90,000

Job Score: 4.6

Number of jobs: 2,251

Career mark: 3.8

The person writing mobile apps.

2. Solutions Architect

Moderate income: $119,500

Job Score: 4.6

Number of jobs: 2,906

Career mark: 3.5

The person who designs large, complex IT systems.

1. Data Scientist

Moderate income: $116,840

Job Score: 4.7

Number of jobs: 1,736

Career mark: 4.1

Companies are collecting more data, this trend we call ‘big data’. Data scientists are the people who are responsible for collecting and analyzing all the data to understand big data.

This list is compiled from data collected by Glassdoor.

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