12 Cyber Security Topics That Should Have The Focus in 2017

///12 Cyber Security Topics That Should Have The Focus in 2017

Every year Secure Link forecasts the trends in the cyber security landscape. Secure Link brings in the light of these trends over the focus throughout the year and does a translation to a solution or advice or service.

12 cyber security topics that should have the focus in 2017:

  1. Assessment Services (security awareness, vulnerability assessment, and security maturity review, perimeter patrol);
  2. Smart deployment of business relevant threat intelligence;
  3. Data Governance (insight, grip, and control over data, files and user rights);
  4. Security analysis and incident response services;
  5. Actionable Intelligence Network (control and security from the core);
  6. Secure Software Defined Networks (wired-less architectures);
  7. Secure data center solutions that application aware security and optimized with high degree of automation and visibility;
  8. Central identity and access management facility in a public/private application landscape;
  9. Deployment of advanced endpoint security solutions and further steps in the field of endpoint detection and response;
  10. The deployment of location based services and migration of wireless networks to 802.11ac Wave II;
  11. Security and control of IoT and shadow IT and SAAS applications;
  12. Application of security solutions in public cloud environments (e.g., email protection, web application firewall, security gateway).

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  1. Bikash September 18, 2017 at 2:16 pm - Reply

    In this rapidly changing technology landscape, the mindful decentralization of our organization’s security controls becomes an asset. It’s security by (known) obscurity, where the obscurity is only seen as such by external entities and attackers. What could resemble an unraveling of controls transforms into a stronger web of both traditional and new technical capabilities. This allows for a more customized approach to security in the face of new technologies and more vectors over which you have less control. It is a nice post and expecting more post about this topic. Thank you a lot.

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