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Supported by the latest technological tools, human resource managers will be increasingly able to influence the future business performance, making sure that their team and its facilities are always in step with the times.

All this in a scenario in which 10,000 baby boomers retire every day and, in ten years 75% of workers will consist of Millennials. How can human resources respond to questions of this new digital generation?

Cornerstone OnDemand answers this question with a document outlining the main trends of the human capital allocated to influence the current business landscape significantly. Here they are in detail.


In the new digital environment, it is vital not to miss the best talent. For this purpose, it is necessary to change existing procedures and internal regulations to increase engagement, and thus the productivity, of people to spread the benefits not only the work environment but also business performance.

Machine learning

The machine learning can help determine and manage the career paths. Machine learning provides human resource, managers, and employees with an overview of all the career opportunities available within the company at any given time. It is not only an incentive not to look outside in search of new and exciting opportunities, but is also a valuable tool to attract new talent.

Artificial intelligence

By Artificial Intelligence, companies can create ad-hoc training programs and anticipate needs of both personal and business, anticipating and developing the most suitable time for courses for each of its employees to encourage the best performers or fill gaps where necessary.

It will make it possible to optimize content and training catalogs, instilling a lifelong learning culture.

Ever more flexible workforce

The growing workforce demand increasingly flexible environment. It is enabled by the spread of mobile communication tools that let you access content at any time and from any place.

Many companies try to tackle the digital transformation without realizing that this is not a necessary technological change, but a real cultural change. First, you need to change their behavior through management programs, and ultimately it comes to change the corporate attitude totally.

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