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The showcases in the cloud have become a fundamental part of businesses of all kinds. Over the years’ globalization has come, and certain vertiginous changes that have significantly influenced societies worldwide, so much so that even the needs of people are no longer the same as 20 years ago.

This also happens in the business field, and organizations must become more competent each day and adapt to modern societies with their new needs to survive in time.

It is no coincidence that every year in the world so many companies are created, of which a very substantial number cannot survive after a couple of years. The advent of the digital age has come to stay, and have an increasing presence in organizations.

So, it is that companies that do not have online showcases like Web pages, Social Networks, Blog, among others are considered a rare specimen and manage to stay in time with greater difficulty.

Nowadays all companies in all countries have a place in the digital world. Just for the simple fact of becoming aware of it, they make changes in their activities and migrate to the technological world, and they can optimize their processes and be more profitable.

There is another important factor to take into account in the current changes in the world. This is the new generation of the millennium, and these young people bring the digital subject in their DNA, as they have grown with increasingly evolved technological devices.

That is why professionals must be more competent every day. If we look back profiles for positions, over the years, they have increased the requirements in all areas of specialty.

Not only because of an issue of supply and demand, but it also has a lot to do with the type of society that exists today, which is totally immersed in technology.

It is important to update

This is fundamental for both the company and the professionals, no matter how much a person has a career and even postgraduate, they should always be at the forefront of the updates, and all careers have to do with technology.

In the case of companies, if you do not digitize and update their processes, it is very easy for the competition to arrive with a competitive advantage and win the customers. This applies to both multinationals and SMEs.

Your team should be proactive and be willing to change

It goes for all charges from accountants who have to update their processes, and change according to the modifications made by government institutions. Even the watchman who has to learn to handle the entrances and exits of a person in a building with a card that gives access digitally must enter the information of the people on a computer.

Proactivity in technology is about being alert to what happens around (what makes competition, technological advances, new ways of doing business, etc.) and see possible improvements in procedures, to bring changes and updates when necessary.

Basically, if you are alert and constantly put your initiative to improve, the company will eventually mature and reinvent itself based on the demands of its customers and what is happening in the world.

If your company is not in the digital cloud, you need to come in. And if you are already, optimize and expand your digital display cases. People consult massively what they need online, and if you do not show up, then you could be missing out on profitable business opportunities.

Always stay on the cutting edge, listen to positive suggestions, points of view and dare to change.

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  1. Ogeto Omwancha October 12, 2017 at 7:08 pm - Reply

    Interesting perspectives on the impacts of digital technology on the business model as we know it. The digital age has altered how businesses market their products. We’ve needed to make some pretty big adjustments in our own lives because of the digital age. So, it’s no surprise that how we do business has had to shift, too. Countless once-profitable business models in all industries have been forced to adapt or sink into obscurity. It has completely altered the playing field so companies have to tailor their strategies to reach their customers. It’s led to a rise in new innovative startups and companies, but in many ways it’s made it more difficult to succeed. Social Media, Mobile, wearables, Internet of Things, real-time computing, cloud computing — these are just some of the technologies that are disrupting markets. Changes in how people communicate, connect, and discover are carrying incredible implications for businesses and just about anything where people are involved. It’s not so much that digital technology is part of our everyday life or that technology is relentless in its barrage on humanity. The real threat and opportunity in technology’s disruption lies in the evolution of customer and employee behavior, values, and expectations. Companies are faced with a quandary as they invest resources and budgets in current technology and business strategies (business as usual) versus that of the unknown in how those investments align, or don’t, with market and behavior shifts.

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