Gravity – A New Programming Language For iOS and Android Developers

//Gravity – A New Programming Language For iOS and Android Developers

JavaScript, C #, C ++, Java, Objective-C, Swift to name just a few. The possibilities available to developers for the choice of the programming language are already immense and will undoubtedly continue to grow. Marc Bambini has just lengthened this list with a new language called Gravity.

Nature of Gravity

  • Gravity is as its designers say a dynamic typing script language;
  • It supports procedural, functional, object-oriented and data programming types;
  • Its executables are combined with a virtual machine on which they run.


  • The programming language is independent of an operating system (the consequence of the use of a virtual machine);
  • Marco Bambini specifies that any machine equipped with the C99 compiler can generate an executable to which the VM will be linked;
  • The language only uses the standard C library.


Gravity was developed from scratch as part of the Creo project, an application design tool for Mac meant to unify the application design and development processes. The first Beta version of Creo was unveiled in January 2016.

Gravity has since been delivered as a separate product, allowing one to estimate its age at one year. It is, therefore, a new language that has not yet been adequately tested by the global developer community. It ‘s hard for the moment to pronounce on this aspect.


The Gravity language is currently available in beta and offered in open source under MIT license via GitHub, which signals the future availability of many derivative versions. The language has a syntax similar to that of Swift, which would be a guarantee of easy maintenance.

It comes with an integrated development environment, and the language integrates a unit test tool.

Gravity provides access to the standard C API through the use of a high-level language derivative (Swift). The applications developed by using it are therefore intended to run on all operating systems.

According to its designers, Gravity offers a new alternative in the development of iOS and Android mobile applications. Its designers have also summarized it in one sentence: “imagine Swift, JavaScript, and Smalltalk in a tiny virtual machine that runs on all OS.”

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  1. Md Yakub September 10, 2017 at 5:06 pm - Reply

    I have visited the GitHub page of Gravity. It is much like Java Script. There some difference between them such as function keyword. Gravity has one thing called “range”, that much similar with BASH’s range. It has lot of things borrowed from other languages such as C++. It very much fun to learn a new language. I would like to make this type of fun and decided to try this language for my skill development. I have followed manual of the Gravity, but can not compile it. Please make a post giving instructions of compiling the Gravity.

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