7 Good Reasons to Take Your Children to the Toy Library

///7 Good Reasons to Take Your Children to the Toy Library

On rainy days or when we have exhausted all our ideas of going out and activities, we know that the word “toy library” brings a bright smile to the face of our children.

The official definition is “The toy library is a cultural facility where free play, lending, and entertainment are practiced.” There are usually several rooms or several “universes” by themes or by age: the corner of the babies, the wooden games corner, the miniature replica of a house and a grocery store, the space with tables and chairs, etc.

So here are our 7 good reasons to take your children to the toy library:

1- Because the toy library is entirely dedicated to “game” and that “game” is one of the fundamental elements of the learning and development of your children.

2- because the toy library offers your children to discover a multitude of games and toys to which they would not have had access, especially since they are generally of good quality and constantly renewed.

3- Because a toy library is a place where you can share moments of play with your children and these moments are the foundation of an effective and educational relationship flourished.

4- because the toy library contributes to their development and prepares them for life in society: They learn sharing, politeness with other children, the rules of borrowing and respect for the property of others, not damaging the toys, etc.

5- Because “toy libraries” are super cool and always available to explain the rules of the games or the operation of toys, to guide the children and even to play with them.

6- Because children are tired of their toys and that the toy library is the ideal way to renew regularly games and toys at home. As in the library, the games offered to borrow are also frequently updated and new features added to the catalog.

7- Because bringing your children to the toy library is an excellent way to find out which types of games they are most interested in or to try out the ones you want to buy.

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  1. Md Yakub September 10, 2017 at 6:33 pm - Reply

    If you are unsure if your child will play with a certain kind of toy, why not use the Toy Library to test something out? If it turns out that they can’t live without it, then you might consider investing in one of your own. But if it’s just meh to them, then you have saved money. Borrowing toys and being a member of a toy library is good for the state of your home, the environment, your budget, your sanity, and gives you the opportunity to help other families in need. Thanks a lot.

  2. Daniel Omwancha September 18, 2017 at 8:14 pm - Reply

    Great lifestyle tips for every parent right here. I agree with you completely, using a Toy Library is an excellent solution (and a money saver) to this situation. Rather than purchase all these toys as an individual family and store them away from the child until they are ready to play with them, why not store them in a community hub where everyone can visit and borrow the toys as they are needed? Children will not be overwhelmed and distracted by the mountain of toys at home, but will still have access to the tools of play when they need them. Imagine the shelf space, imagine the savings, imagine the increase in creativity, concentration and communication in your kids if borrowing toys became the norm. Inequality in our communities is on the rise and this is a huge problem. When you have a culture that operates by promoting the infinite consumption of things at the cost of all else, there is a weakening of community life. Status anxiety and the fear of fitting in drives people to consume more material possessions, while engagement in community life goes down. When you borrow from a Library of Things, you are saying yes to everyone else in your community having access to the same things as you do. If our cities could properly fund these projects so that they are as accessible to people as book libraries, there is a chance that the Library of Things model could take some of this status anxiety away.

  3. Oswaldo Antonio December 22, 2017 at 10:18 pm - Reply

    The game is a basic element in the life of a child, which is also fun for their development. But why is it important and what does it bring? Children need to be active to grow and develop their abilities, the game is important for learning and the integral development of children who learn to know life playing. Children have to do things before and other times before learning what the characters have formative character to face again and again, the situations in which they can master or adapt to them. In addition, games can be of all kinds: table, sports, and so on. Through the game kids seek, explore, try and discover the world for themselves, being an effective instrument for education. These tips are so right! Good post!

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