Top Hobbies Ensure The Holistic Development of Children

///Top Hobbies Ensure The Holistic Development of Children

We are indeed a blessed lot to have been born and brought up in a country like India. Indeed, India is renowned for its diverse cultural traditions, norms, festivals, cuisines, languages, dance forms, attire, etc. Each city of each different state has its own distinct dialect and unique features.

Indian children are fortunate! The exposure that they gain from a very early age piques their interest, and they are eager to explore the myriad hues of this wonderful world!

During the initial years of their childhood, they simply imbibe all that is happening around them. They see, observe, listen and then start asking questions about the significance of all that they are witnessing.

School is a fun place to be in

The Indian education system:

  • Ensures that the curiosity of all the students is satiated in the classrooms itself.
  • Has designed the curriculum and the syllabus of each subject in such a way that all the historical, cultural and social norms are imbibed by the students gradually.
  • Clearly, explains the Impact of historical movements,
  • Significance of all our traditions
  • The importance of our culture.
  • Values that we imbibe through these rich and diverse norms.

Schools and colleges host myriad shows and competitions throughout the academic session. They encourage all their students to participate in all these events.

Essay writing, drawing, painting, basketball, volleyball, skating, debating, sports, cooking competitions…..the list is bound to be endless…….truly ensure that our children are living their lives to their fullest.

Children being eternal eager beavers, participate with zeal and enthusiasm as they master the finer nuances of all these skills and talents.

Oh! Never mind the fact that they may not actually excel in even a single area. At least, we can confidently say that they are making the most of all the opportunities that we are exposing them to.

If they discover their passion and are able to identify their areas of interest along the way – fine and good.

If not – they will continue to explore other avenues.

Family time is the fun time!

Again, we should consider ourselves a blessed lot. We have closely knit family systems. Though the joint family system is gradually giving way to nuclear families, our basic family structure is still quite sound.

We encourage our children to visit their relatives and cousins living in different cities and states.

A single visit to grandma’s or mama’s house is such a beautiful learning experience! They learn to:

  • Forge bonds with total strangers.
  • Make new friends.
  • Accept different people.
  • Understand differences in perspectives.
  • Imbibe the differences in culture and traditions.
  • Grasp the essence of their parents’ childhood days.
  • Relate to the values that their parents insist on.

Celebrations are pure fun!

Announce a wedding in the family and there is an immediate frenzy of activity. Elaborate well chalked out plans, invitations, shopping expeditions, traditional attires, …….all things Indian are followed meticulously.

Children learn to:

  • Dress up to the occasion.
  • Treat all their guests with courtesy.
  • Learn to take care of all the needs of all the guests.
  • Manage crises on an emergency basis simply because their parents were busy with the actual wedding ceremony!!

The sheer interaction hones the finer nuances of their personality. Our children learn these subtle things on a practical level.

Communication, interpersonal skills, courtesy, humility, graciousness, chivalry ….are all crucial real life skills that are sure to help them in the long run.

Somewhere during these initial two decades of their childhood days – they are bound to discover where their true passion lies. They may want to explore a couple of avenues before they finally zoom in on a career of their choice. They are able to do full justice to it because they are keenly interested in what they are doing.

It is as simple as that!!

Hobbies: the best gift we can give our children!

As parents, teachers, counselors and family members we do closely monitor all the activities that our children are exposed to in schools/colleges and within the family too. We are always in sync with their interests and encourage them to pursue their lines of interest.

And yet there may be something else that the child may want to explore. He/She may want to learn a new software program. They might want to go on a trekking expedition to the Himalayas. Work out in a gym is the latest craze amongst youngsters today.

Let’s be honest – we do not always understand their interests! All we know is that their interests are burning a big hole in our pockets!

We may take a little time to comprehend their demands. And as well meaning parents we do finally relent and let them chase their dreams.

A fleeting thought does flit around our minds and hearts as we wonder if all this exposure and all these hobbies will really pay off somewhere!

Within a few moments we will come up with our own answers, and they are bound to be affirmative. We know that all this exposure will add an intangible dimension to their personality. A little bit of culture, a big dose of family values, a lot of interest/zeal, an overdose of hard work and  ………our children are all set to face life head on!

We will take a small trip down memory lane and realize that this is what our parents did for us too.

Isn’t that the best gift and only legacy that we as parents can ever hope to give to our children?

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  1. Vangeline September 19, 2017 at 1:23 pm - Reply

    Very recommendable lifestyle tips! As we all approve of, “we have to start them young”. I can say that the tips enumerated are very simple yet a lot of parents nowadays inevitably might take these for granted. At some point their children have already grown without them noticing, and yet we cannot blame them because they have their own reasons for sure. We can all agree that there are no perfect parents. Parents are also humans who learn along their mistakes in their journey, that’s why helpful articles like this are really essential. I hope this gets into the hands of parents and soon-to-be ones. I’m pretty sure this would be a lot of help for them. Keep it up!

  2. Oswaldo Antonio December 22, 2017 at 2:58 pm - Reply

    In my opinion, the education of our children is what determines their future. Is in the youngest part of their lives when we have to stimulate the learning process teaching them values that can help in their skill development. These tips are so right, and they are a show of that smart education presents in India. The general development of a child is product of a continuous work in his growing process and that is success when they are covered all the fields in which they are growing up (emotional, social, physic). This is a good article with a good content!

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