Concept of BMW’s New Electric Motorcycle Looks Like a Futuristic Scooter

///Concept of BMW’s New Electric Motorcycle Looks Like a Futuristic Scooter

Vehicle concepts do not always go out of print, but when the automakers themselves present them, they make clear some of the ideas the company has for its upcoming innovations. And this is the case of the BMW Motorrad Concept Link, the concept of an electric motorcycle launched by the German manufacturer.

Featuring rectangular features with curved details, the vehicle’s design has a flat handle on the sides of a simple and technological dashboard, with information that can be accessed and controlled through the buttons on the bike’s handle.

“The BMW Motorrad Concept Link stands for a new understanding of urban mobility. It links the digital and analogue world and places the focus on the rider and his mobility needs. In the way it links functionality and digitalisation it performs both as a means of transport as well as a communication device.  For me the BMW Motorrad Concept Link, with its timeless and reduced style, is more than a concept – it is rather a symbol for a new era.” explains Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design of BMW Motorrad.

Technology insight

In addition to a great aesthetic sense, the concept presented by the manufacturer lavishes technology. The vehicle can be connected to your calendar to send notifications directly to the dashboard, as well as displaying the exact route to your destination. The idea, BMW assures, is to connect riders, motorcyclists, and the environment.


But what about classic and essential information such as speed and battery level? This data is taken as more important so that it will be displayed directly on the motorcycle windshield. Thus, the piece is no longer a simple windshield and possible objects that come against the bike to turn almost a head-up display.

And the technological appeal does not stop there: means of gestures can open the luggage compartment located on the side of the bike. This will be possible thanks to a smart jacket that connects to the vehicle and allows an even greater integration between the bike and its pilot.

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  1. Daniel Ogeto Omwancha November 6, 2017 at 4:59 pm - Reply

    Thank you for this great and insightful Article. I fancy motorbikes so much. No doubt, BMW has come up with some cool conceptual vehicles lately, with a color-changing Mini and a futuristic, self-driving Next 100 auto. Its Motorrad Vision Next 100 motorcycle, revealed last October, is maybe the coolest yet with a gyroscopic system designed to keep riders upright and safe no matter what. It also looks pretty, well, rad. The company’s latest electric motorcycle, the BMW Motorrad Concept Link, is based on the first Next 100 but brings a more refined, commuter-friendly style to the idea of a zero-emission electric motorcycle. The electric bike kind of looks like a fancy moped, but we still want one. With the combination of the emission-free, dynamic drive, a new design language, connectivity and fashionable yet functional rider equipment and an integration of digital technology, the BMW Motorrad Concept Link embodies BMW Motorrad’s understanding of the future of urban mobility and I consider it one of the many innovative startups targeting urban mobility. While concept vehicles like this are super fun to gawk at, the chances of them hitting the road exactly as pitched are minimal. Still, having a slick-looking future commuter motorbike that runs on electricity and connects to our mapping apps and streaming music is a neat future that we’d all probably like to live in.

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