More Than Cars: Mercedes-Benz and Vivint to Launch Batteries For Homes

///More Than Cars: Mercedes-Benz and Vivint to Launch Batteries For Homes

Mercedes-Benz has decided to follow the same path as Tesla and expand its operations with products aimed at energy storage. In partnership with Vivint, specializing in solar energy capture projects, the German automaker launched Energy, its own battery for storage in home energy systems.

The technology used in Energy was tested on the batteries used in the brand’s hybrid vehicles. They are made of lithium-ion and have 2.5 kWh and have the modular capability, which allows users to increase this capacity to up to 20 kWh if they deem it necessary. The battery can either provide additional power at peak times or function as a generator in the event of a fall.

The product will be offered first in the state of California, in the United States, and from there it will go to other specific countries. Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler has been investing heavily in the energy part as a way to prepare for the imminent future that will one way, or another involve the cars. In this case, the 10 new electric models that Mercedes plans to launch in the next five years.

The group made a $556 million investment in a second battery factory in Germany. The importance of batteries is part of a new eco-system of recharging electric vehicles and a new approach to energy use in homes as well.

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