How to Turn Your Windows 10 PC Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

//How to Turn Your Windows 10 PC Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

We all know that the quality of the internet here in India leaves much to be desired. Therefore, there are frequent cases of users who need to deal weekly – some even every day – with signal drops or connection well below the contracted speed.

And it is in non-availability situations that many call for alternative methods, such as turning a device into a hotspot.
Most of the time, the device in question is always a mobile device, such as tablet and smartphone. What many people may not know is the possibility of using the desktop for this purpose.

For example, use the hotel Wi-Fi you’re hosting to ensure the best connection speed in your portable gadgets; Or when you want to share your home’s Wi-Fi with others but do not want to use your password – or if your router does not have a guest mode.

These are just two of the options when opening a direct connection point on your computer. And enabling this feature in Windows 10 through the latest Creators update is very simple, allowing up to eight devices to connect simultaneously to the same network.

There are two ways to turn your PC into a hotspot. The first is as follows: In the taskbar, click the notifications icon in the lower right-hand corner next to the clock, and look for “Mobile Hotspot”.


The problem with this method is that you should not know the name and password of your hotspot. This is where the second way comes in: open the settings menu, go to “Network and the Internet” and then “Mobile Hotspot.”

Right at the top of the screen, there is an option for you to enable or disable the feature. Below you will see “Share my internet connection from” to select what type of connection you use on your PC – whether Wi-Fi or cable.

Right after that is where you will put the name and password of your connection, generated automatically by Windows, but you can change it by clicking the “Edit” button.

Finally, you can still allow a device to use your computer’s hotspot via Bluetooth. Simply turn on the option at the bottom of the page, allowing other devices with the technology to connect when paired with the PC.

Important: Make a note of the name and password of your connection always to have them in hand. When doing this process directly in the settings, whenever you want to connect the hotspot, just follow the shortcut in the notification center in the taskbar.

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  1. Bikash September 18, 2017 at 2:03 pm - Reply

    I can create the hotspot but nor my phone neither my tablet can browse the internet, it recognizes the network, connects but it’s always “waiting for network connection”. It’s not a problem from my laptop, since I’ve tried with other networks, it must be the Ethernet from my house… how can I know what’s the problem? 2 months ago I could share the network just fine, but for some reason it just stopped working. I am learning to fix this problem, but I can not fix it. Please someone help me? I am in a big problem. Thank you, it is so useful for me…

  2. Vangeline September 19, 2017 at 2:04 am - Reply

    This informative read just proves the non-stop advancement of digital technology. I didn’t know that desktops could also be used as hotspots. I often use my mobile device as a hotspot because its portable and convenient whenever I wanted to share my data connection with people wherever wi-fi connection is not available. Although I find it inconvenient for a laptop or a desktop to be a hotspot since it is not as mobile or as portable as other devices such as phones and tablets. Are there any other advantages of having your Windows 10 as a hotspot besides the aforementioned?

  3. Dipto Biswas September 21, 2017 at 7:50 pm - Reply

    In the era of modern technology, computer & mobile are the widely used technology.Modern technology has got a new look through computer and mobile.Both of them have their own advantage.Mobile is more handy then computer.It’s very necessary to establish connection between computer & mobile.There are many way to connect but Wifi is the best way i think.But everyone don’t know about the smart system that has been describe in this post.

    I think this blog will definitely play a major role to make a skill India.Because the Admin is very dedicated & always updated.I became a fan of his writing.

    Keep it up,thanks you millions!!!

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