Cozmo – The Small Robot With Emotions That Wants to be Loved

///Cozmo – The Small Robot With Emotions That Wants to be Loved

A small robot invented by the American company will soon be marketed in other parts of the world. Its name is “Cozmo.” It has the peculiarity of experiencing emotions.

Apparently, it is a kind of small tractor, the size of a toy, with a sympathetic head endowed with a screen simulating an expressive look, which gives it a little air of Wall-E, the robot of the film of the same name.

Behind the Toy, Artificial Intelligence

Cozmo is a robot player. It manipulates connected cubes that light up in color. Mounted on wheels, it moves with a mischievous air. Cozmo recognizes its owner after scanning his face and pronouncing his first name, etc. It will be released at the end of the year at a price of just over 200 euros.



The most interesting point what is behind the toy. According to the American start-up Anki who is at the origin of Cozmo, this one uses artificial intelligence. Although the concept is fairly overused, the fact is that the toy uses advanced processes to move around, avoid obstacles, etc.

It evolves even according to parameters such as confidence, joy, seduction, excitement, etc. These very human feelings were put into the equation by its creators. This little machine may be a prefiguring of the more advanced robots that will arrive one day in our homes.

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