Having Your Business Data in the Cloud is Not Only Safer But More Cost-Effective

///Having Your Business Data in the Cloud is Not Only Safer But More Cost-Effective

The methods for a company to migrate their systems to the cloud are different and varied. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that there are a number of myths for those who have to make the decision on cloud migration.

One of the main myths about migrating business data to the cloud lies in the concern about the potential vulnerability of its confidentiality. The trend is changing because before people wanted to have the information saved, but now they realize that the cloud is safe and once there the data is there, it is harder to lose.

Advances in technology have made possible attacks to violate or hack the information are minimized. In addition to demystifying the security issue, the main advantage of having information from a company in the cloud is portability.

By having the data in the cloud, they are available at any time, and for all members of the company who are duly authorized, otherwise, companies usually use programs that involve more complex procedures to access.

The company will not have to dedicate itself to buying servers nor will it need specialized technical support people. The only thing that will require is the internet connection to access the data of the organization that will be in the cloud.

Software providers have agreements with companies that provide the service of putting information in the cloud, such as Microsoft, Dropbox, Orange Cloud, and Box, among others. What matters is the advice of experts to choose the provider that most closely matches the needs of each company.

There are different providers of this service, in the hosting part or those that distribute this type of technology, are classified according to their qualification. If the customer is looking for a company with low qualification, it will have less available their data. And now companies are migrating to the cloud for security and improving their processes.

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  1. Daniel Ogeto O. September 12, 2017 at 6:03 pm - Reply

    Great analysis right there. Digital technology is opening up new frontiers for businesses to increase efficiency and cut operational cost. Such applications of Digital Technology like cloud computing are becoming more and more essential not only to aid businesses to handle and store data, but as a way to maximize an organizations profitability and presence in the market. For example, start-up businesses could use cloud computing which offers an essential differentiator and gives them an edge over the more traditional businesses yet to adopt digital technology as a strategy. For the first time, anyone with an idea can start a business and get it up and running quickly on an enterprise-grade IT infrastructure that’s flexible enough to accommodate growth, yet requires minimal up-front capital expenditure. For small to medium sized businesses that have limited IT resources, the cloud allows them to focus more on running their business rather than their IT infrastructure. They can take advantage of a wide portfolio of compute, storage and network products, then cost effectively scale on-demand as their business grows — often while delivering faster time to market than previously achievable.

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