After Two Failures, Audi Will Try to Make a New Electric Supercar

///After Two Failures, Audi Will Try to Make a New Electric Supercar

There in 2009, Audi brought its Audi R8 e-tron to the world … And it did not work, with the project not even getting out of the role.

A second foray into the electric world came in 2015, with the launch of the 100% electrified version based on the new German Supersport platform, but ended up having its production canceled a little more than a year later due to low sales – less than 100 Units sold.

Now in an interview with Autocar magazine, Audi research and development manager Peter Mertens said the company is ready for another try. “The question is ‘Would I like this to happen again soon?’, And the answer is yes, of course,” said the brand executive.

“For a brand like Audi, a supercar is always interesting and is a segment we’ve been working on. We’ve been working hard on it.”

Autocar suspects, however, that the new vehicle may not be based on the R8 platform, but rather a completely built from scratch model with its own design. Martens, meanwhile, suggested that Porsche could make a contribution to the project – a partnership that Volkswagen had already suggested a few months ago.

Still, the prospect of having a new electric and super-fast Audi is real. You can imagine with certainty that at some point in time Audi will have an electric supercar.

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