Focused Goal, Right Plan And Execution Key to Startup Success

///Focused Goal, Right Plan And Execution Key to Startup Success

Indian ethnic & handloom wear has always stood out as the best original outfit for the modern generation of people. The rich & diverse Indian culture & traditions are reflected through this Indian ethnic & handloom collection. The elegant Indian women wear mesmerizing attire and give her the most aesthetic look.

These traditional ethnic wedding wear and handloom wear enhance the beauty & elegance. These colorful textiles, breathtaking crafts and the untold stories of these master creations have always been behind the scene. attempts is to bring these unsung heroes to the real world limelight so that the world not only praises their work but in reality these people get a better life also.

Mr. Debansh Das Sharma, Founder of Innovedge Solutions that owns in an interview with says that the company took such an initiative to provide a platform for the skillful handicraft workers, who lacked appreciation from the society.

Mr. Sharma provided some more insights on startup culture, success mantra and much more.

Interviewer: Please tell me something about the company.

Mr. Debansh: It is an online platform for traditional handlooms and handicraft. It is a platform to showcase the work of award winning and talented designers along with their profile and portfolio.

Interviewer: How did you come up with such an idea?

Mr. Debansh: We realized that it is important to bridge the gap between the people who don’t have the knowledge about such intriguing things and the designers who don’t have any platform to showcase their work and talent. These upcoming designers had to face the adversities of dishonest middlemen, and people who copied their designs. Many people started taking advantages of the skilled. Since then we wanted to take up the initiative of working with them directly. Also, we as customers didn’t trust the authenticity and genuinity of these items. So we developed a reliable platform to order handcrafted and hand loomed products.

Interviewer: What were the challenges you faced and what did you learn from them?

Mr. Debansh: Being a startup, one has to always face challenges. But we have always been courageous and dedicated to our goals. We believe in working with the attitude of giving our best to achieve the desired goal whatever comes our way. The problems would always exist, but the right decision and perseverance would take you forward.

Interviewer: What are the three things important for a successful business?

Mr. Debansh: A much-focused goal, a right plan and execution, and the attitude to overcome the challenges are the three things, I believe, are important for any business.

Interviewer: What would you advice budding entrepreneurs who are willing to start up their own business or facing challenges?

Mr. Debansh: One should always look for the best idea and something exclusive so that no one else can imitate or take the credit of coming up with the same idea. An entrepreneur should never copy while performing their daily functions or even just start a business because it is trending or it looks attractive.

They should rather work hard for something about which they are passionate and do that in a the systematic manner to get the best results.

Interviewer: What are some of your habits which make you a successful entrepreneur?

Mr. Debansh: I am a polite person, always ready to take up challenges. I think that is important for sustainability. Also, I always promote optimism. One should never think that they won’t be able to do something or achieve a goal; they should always give it a try.

I have also been much focused on only promoting handloom and handicrafts.

Interviewer: How does entrepreneurship change a person?

Mr. Debansh: Entrepreneurship comes with responsibilities and being responsible affects one’s persona. After becoming a businessman, they always forget about their circle and their own self, which is a very wrong habit. Someone who has the capacity to balance their personal life and the spirituality of business has more probability to become a successful businessman. One needs to be balanced and developed as an individual to reach heights. Being calm also comes with the essence of entrepreneurship.

Initially, I was not able to take up the responsibility which came along with the running of a business. But, eventually, I took certain steps to overcome my personal shortcomings and it is now also reflected on me as a human being.

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  1. Aimee September 9, 2017 at 3:33 pm - Reply

    Mr. Debansh truly has a natural talent for entrepreneurship, judging from this interview. I’m pretty sure startup businessmen can learn a lot from this man.
    It is true that optimism is one key to achieving most of our goals. We have to always have a positive outlook in life, always viewing the glass as half full. If this trait is fully ingrained in a person, they are more responsible in their actions, and as a person. Of course, they think more clearly because they have a hold of their own priorities. Thus, they are better at balancing their time.
    Kudos to those people like Mr. Debansh. They’re true inspirations.

  2. Abhi Roy September 10, 2017 at 2:14 pm - Reply

    Absolutely right!!! Goal + good planning+dedication=Success.I can’t find any suitable language to describing the value of this post.I just only say…

    Take a million of thanks from bottom of my heart…ADMIN.

  3. Daniel Ogeto O. September 12, 2017 at 12:01 pm - Reply

    Thank you for this encouraging and insightful article on startups. One can decidedly say that the 21st century is the century for innovative startups and a shift from the traditional business and employment patterns. I have always fancied the handicrafts of India and there is no doubt that Indian hand-loom is the most exquisite creations you can find in the market today. What Mr. Debansh is doing is commendable and I like the points he has shared regarding the characteristics of a person who wishes to embark on a startup. It is evident that his work is fueling the niche for innovative startups. How he has managed to deploy digital technology is commendable and a great stride towards empowering women entrepreneurs who form a large majority of the businesses involved in the handcrafts of India.

  4. Vangeline September 19, 2017 at 8:14 am - Reply

    What an inspirational read! Startup businesses continue to proliferate the industry for the recent years that it made it quite intimidating and overwhelming to take part in it. These innovative startups have made it so competitive in the field of business that one would find it difficult or discouraging to start one, but this article just proves that a plan, a focused goal and an attitude towards good entrepreneurship is the key in surviving in the startup industry. I also find it excellent that ClassyStreet gives platform to artisans who are incapable of showcasing their unique talents. This humble approach of this startup business goes to show that they just do not value the money, but also the people who are working hard to make all the products brilliant as possible. I do hope that young and budding entrepreneurs also follow Mr. Sharma’s footsteps. Keep it up!

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