How Video Games And Virtual Reality Are Revolutionizing Medicine

///How Video Games And Virtual Reality Are Revolutionizing Medicine

Researchers from the city of Barcelona, Spain, have discovered a new way to bring technology into hospitals: using video games techniques, augmented reality and 3D modeling.

The new technology depends on artificial intelligence and image processing. With this, they are able to collect tissue samples that are extremely important for the early diagnosis of lung cancer, for example.

But the primary motivation of doctors is that with these techniques, they do not need to change existing procedures, as well as the instruments used for procedures. In addition, novelty is more effective, faster and more accurate.

How it works

The technique will plan a route so doctors can find a possible injury and still determine the best tool to collect the sample.

In addition to the intervention, it is feasible to review a simulation previously with methods of image processing and 3D modeling of how it would be a bronchoscopy analyzing the anatomy of each patient. The same technology is used in the creation of video games.

To prepare, the patient only needs a CT scan, which will be used as a template for his bronchi. With the novelty, the process becomes easier and cheaper and drastically reduces the possible interventions that may fail.

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  1. Daniel Ogeto O. September 12, 2017 at 11:30 am - Reply

    This indeed, is a great revolution and I see it leading to many innovative Startups leveraging the benefits offered by gaming technologies. An application in medicine is a first and a great step forward in the digital technology frontier of the 21st century. Digital technology in medicine is a great marvel which I believe would increase efficiency and greatly reduce medical errors primarily occasioned by human abilities, which at the moment are overstretched. Gaming technology and how it is being applied to solve medical challenges is a leap forward that will naturally revolutionize the application of digital technology developed for a specific traditional function like gaming but which can be modified and deployed in a different field that was never envisioned before. Such advancement breathes new life into the field of medicine and the entire medical practice as we know it. We can look forward to a simplification of complex medical problems that would otherwise be impossible to resolve without leveraging the benefits offered by advancements in Digital Technology.

  2. Vangeline September 19, 2017 at 1:12 pm - Reply

    I never imagined that gaming and medicine would be on the same footing. At first I was quite doubtful about the idea of leisure and something so serious as medicine to be on the same field. It would be very risky to think that doctors would have a point of view of being in a game while a life depends on them, but then, I guess it is all thanks to the advancement of digital technology, this could be made possible. Technologies such as these maybe seen as something revolutionizing on the traditional way we see things, but then again, in this ever-changing world, what else could be impossible?

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