Dutch City Will Use Recycled Plastic Roads LEGO Style

///Dutch City Will Use Recycled Plastic Roads LEGO Style

Usually, asphalt roads are common, but the government of a Dutch city decided to do something a little different. They plan to create paths made from recycled plastic in a concept project called PlasticRoad.

Built by the company VolkerWessels, the road in question uses only recycled plastic dumped in the ocean and incineration plants. This concept was introduced in July and attracted the attention of the city of Rotterdam, which offered an area for them to test the project.

According to The Guardian website, the first proposal is to build a bike path on a project that should take three years to complete. As you can see in the images presented in this news, parts of this area will work in a similar way to LEGO parts, making it even easier to add cables and pipes in those locations if the local government wants to.


Does it work?

By this time some people may be thinking that a plastic road may not be very good in warmer times, but project developers have revealed that it can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to 80°C without major problems.

In addition, there is a chance that it will survive three times longer than a standard route, with the advantage that, it is possible to recycle the material once more to build another route.

If the project works, it is likely to attract the attention of governments in other countries. Would India also enter this game? Leave your opinion in the space provided for comments.

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