Audi Wants to Study the Brains of Autonomous Passenger Cars

///Audi Wants to Study the Brains of Autonomous Passenger Cars

Audi is committed to making the future of self-propelled cars the least traumatic possible for people and has launched the “25th Hour” project to understand better what this type of vehicle does right or wrong. However, the answer will not come from conventional research, but from people’s brains.

In a simulator, created in partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering, the brand decided to apply augmented reality to an environment that mimics a four-seater with seats facing each other.

The glasses are integrated displays, and all the surroundings are images generated with the help of projectors. The idea is to replicate a trip in a fully autonomous, level 5 vehicle and identify how certain aspects, such as lighting, noise, and interaction with notifications and other internal functions, affect users positively or negatively.

Preliminary tests were done with 30 people; all considered “Millennials receptive to autonomous cars,” who underwent an electroencephalogram (EEG) to have their responses measured directly through the brain, in addition to electrodermal sensors to capture other physical reactions related to the experience.

People were given different stimuli, such as noises, social media updates, and the amount of light in the environment, as well as having some tasks that should be fulfilled during the process.

The conclusion of the Audi brand was that certain conditions might favor specific behaviors such as conversation, productivity or relax while walking around. The expectation of the brand is that the project will continue for some time.

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  1. Johanna Hernandez December 23, 2017 at 2:26 pm - Reply

    This is an interesting project. It’s well known that autonomous vehicles are being developed and this innovative work promise to adapt the future projects for the pleasures of the people. This kind of digital learning is going to help us to understand in the best way how is it going to be the future and how could we take advantage of the different breakthrough technology that is going to make easier our lives. This as so many others projects is an amazing view of how smart cities are going to dominate the world. This such a good article!

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