Smart Software Learns to Run And Play Football

///Smart Software Learns to Run And Play Football

The idea of a dystopia in which intelligent machines learn human tasks and resolve to put an end to our existence, so common in literature and science fiction cinema, seems to be only a matter of time.

More proof of this comes from DeepLoco, a computer program created at the University of British Columbia in the United States, which has learned a number of activities by itself.

The intelligent software uses machine learning and was created just to develop skills on its own. In this way, it discovered how to walk and run in the open or between obstacles, just as it learned to play football – or at least carries it with the feet. The video below shows some of the capabilities of DeepLoco.

In the future, DeepLoco can make a very impressive contribution to the development of games in the future. If the evolving characters of Mordor Shadows are already attractive, imagine characters not controlled by the player with the ability to learn new skills as the game unfolds?

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  1. Estephanía Sandoval December 30, 2017 at 12:29 am - Reply

    This article makes me to consider two points. The first one, it´s amazing how artificial intelligence is a advancing everyday, the way in which innovative technology brings us more projects that promise to build a better life, a smart city and a constant progress is outstanding. But, the second point, in my opinion, which is the point in making a machine that can play football whereas there are too many problems to be solved. Sometimes digital technology, cloud computing and breakthrough technology are a vision of how future can be, but humanity usually uses all these innovative creations for no-sense things. Despite of it, I think this is a good project that can open the door for better things.

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