How to Monetize With a Mobile Application

//How to Monetize With a Mobile Application

Do you have in mind developing a mobile application?

Your idea seems valid but is you wondering how to monetize? Of course, you do not realize an app for pure fun, but rather to create a real business that can generate profits.

The roads to take are numerous: how to orient yourself and choose the right tactic?

Freemium applications

One of the most commonly used solutions is to provide the user with a free basic version with limited features and offer additional paid features.

This mode is mainly adopted in the world of the game where users are more likely to test a product that they do not know rather than buy it blindly.

The positive side for developers is that by doing so, they can demonstrate the value of their application.

Pay the download of the app

Another worthwhile option might be to pay users a different cost to download the app, while updates and additional features are released for free.

If you decide to adopt this model, you should ask why a user should purchase your app without having tried it? In this case, the communication strategy is fundamental, so you have to be good and persuasive to push people to pay for the download.

The apps that fall primarily into this category are those of utility. Keep in mind that choosing this monetization model will have to be good at attracting more and more new potential customers.

Pay both download and additional features

This is a hybrid monetization model that is recently undergoing, experiencing many criticisms and discussions since many find it unfair to pay twice for app users.

Earning this path will not be difficult if the application offers a real value and is useful.

Make money with advertising

If the first two solutions do not convince you, there is a third possibility that sees advertising as the only source of monetization.

Be careful not to exaggerate, because if your ads become invasive, you run the risk of bothering and making the experience of using the app less enjoyable, and that could result in losing the user.

Consider using banner ads as a source of revenue is only recommended if the application has a large number of downloads and active users.

Adopt a winning marketing strategy

It is indisputable that when you decide to carry out a mobile application project that involves the development of an application, the primary goal is to make your own idea a real business. To achieve success, it is necessary to define the right marketing actions to be undertaken.

From the design phase of the app to launch on the market, there are some fundamental steps to be respected.

The first step is to prepare a media kit that includes a high-resolution logo, an app’s graphics preview, a press release, a reference microsite, and a video teaser.

The next step is to start building a contact database that is potentially interested in your app.

As a free venting to creativity, an idea might be to invite users to leave their data in exchange for updates on the launch date of the application.

The third significant step to generating online movement is to get in touch with industry blogs and popular sites that might write your app.

The main investment to do is to dedicate time, persistence and creativity to the project, so doing will be able to achieve good results in no time.

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  1. Deep Kumar September 15, 2017 at 5:30 pm - Reply

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  2. Bikash September 18, 2017 at 2:06 pm - Reply

    Another thing to consider with code-sharing is your app’s endgame. After your business has gotten as much value possible out of your app and is preparing to move onto the next step, you can actually sell it as a whole to a buyer who wants to use your existing framework to create their own app. Fortunately, there are easy ways of doing this, like using Apptopia, a popular marketplace that facilitates the buying and selling of mobile apps. “White labeling” your code is similar to selling it from the ground up – without actually selling off your IP. The only issue here is that there will inevitably be multiple slightly different versions of your source code bouncing around on marketplaces.

  3. Daniel Omwancha September 19, 2017 at 10:04 am - Reply

    A great article and very insightful, Thank you. It is true that, in spite of the overwhelming volume of titles hitting the app stores every day, only a small island of entries in this sea of apps actually makes a profit by selling. According to a recent Gartner study, it showed that a whopping 93 percent of mobile apps were expected to be free by the end of 2016. This shows the need for mobile app monetization entrepreneurs to consider in-app revenues more seriously than the price tag for app store downloads. On the other hand, the majority of paid apps fail to attract enough users to claim a profit. So, selling the app is just a point blank strategy that may or may not work. With the many promising startups in the mobile App market, I believe the best innovative startups would carry the day. Keeping in mind that mobile monetization is an evolving space, with lots of innovation and evidence to help you tune your efforts, you might need to keep in touch with trusted advisors who can help you stay attuned to emerging capabilities. There’s no reason your app can’t turn into a dependable revenue generator.

  4. Vangeline September 19, 2017 at 12:41 pm - Reply

    As I am not good in web or application developing, it never occurred to me to develop an app in order to monetize. I have come across this article to feed my curiosity about those who develop apps as their source of income. How do they use digital technology like an application in order to make money? Is it worth it to undergo a very tedious process of codes and digital stuff in creating an app in order to come up with a reasonable amount of money? Great work, though, admin for sharing us the tips app developers should know in order for their work to finally pay off.

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