Airline Wants to Conquer Millennial With VR Devices in Flight

//Airline Wants to Conquer Millennial With VR Devices in Flight

If you have ever felt that the way we travel by plane is somewhat outdated, know that you are not alone. Apparently, Air France also finds the same and, therefore, is bringing a new arm of its company focused only on the millennials, called Joon. What does it offer otherwise? Well, what about streaming content and a USB charger, to watch what you want from your phone or tablet?

Ah? Is this common in most common flights offered by airlines? Calm down, because Joon does not just offer that. In its official announcement, the company says it also offers partnerships with services such as Airbnb and Waynabox – which means that you will be able to book places to stay near your flight tickets.

Another promise from Joon is the offering of a virtual reality glasses system called “AlloSky Virtual Reality Headset,” which promises to offer “various innovations such as a high-resolution screen and a dioptric correction to fit the eyes of the entire world” during long flights for business class customers.

Who would rather use these VR devices gadgets instead of enjoying all the comfort of business class? That’s a good question. But, as you can notice, everything for Joon is a matter of being a stylish and modern experience as the millennials want, is not it? This is a combination of organic snacks with flight attendants with clothes made out of recyclable fabric.

As you may have guessed, many of Joon’s proposals and promises remain to be explained, so we’ll have to wait and see what else the company has to offer us. And you: do you think streaming videos, USB chargers, and mysterious VR devices are what was missing from a real flight experience? Leave your opinions in our comments.

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  1. Ogeto Omwancha D. October 9, 2017 at 11:20 am - Reply

    Interesting article on the transformations taking place in the airline industry today. It is a fact that with the rise in digital technology, more and more applications of technology are being realized, one of such technologies is the VR. Now, on millennial’s and what they expect airlines to offer them in this digitally charged and enabled generation. Millennial travelers have (almost) conquered the travel industry, and businesses such as travel agencies, hotels, and airlines are jazzing up their marketing gimmicks. How? They’re using unconventional methods to charm the young, aspiring and exploratory globetrotters who crave “experiential traveling”. The Generation Y cohort travels for three main reasons: leisure, business and a combination of both that is bleisure for international and domestic trips. Travel companies are upgrading their businesses with advanced technology, meaningful experiences, and entertaining marketing techniques. The Internet is a necessity these days to remain connected with the world. Free Wi-Fi is the birthright of Millennial’s (no kidding). They need to be online to share the details about their travel experiences with their friends and followers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Moreover, individuals with jobs and startups need the web for their work. In-flight entertainment is a requirement, obviously. Airlines already offer a set of videos and music to choose from, although it is not live streaming. Pre-loaded television programs and movies are overrated. While VR is undeniably fun, it’s not something I can imagine using from an altitude of 40,000 ft., especially when you consider the eye watering price tag associated with business class travel. And do you really want to be that guy who starts shrieking in the cabin because they couldn’t handle the BASE jumping VR experience they were watching? I didn’t think so.

  2. Estephanía Sandoval December 29, 2017 at 8:31 pm - Reply

    This is such an original technological innovation. It’s well known that with the technological advance the entire field of marketing is changing, and the main reason is the people’s pleasures. The people’s pleasures are in a constant evolution hand in hand with the innovative breakthrough technology that is conquering our lives everyday and it´s not a surprise that this technology is going to be used on the different services that domains our smart cities. This is a smart project devised to conquer the digital natives (millennia-old), the company will have 51 weekly flights between Paris-CDG and Barcelona as of December 1. Tickets are now on sale from 39 euros per trip. Next year it will debut its intercontinental flights. It is aimed at a modern, casual and permanently connected to new technologies. Good article!

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