Pornhub Will Use Artificial Intelligence to Recognize Faces (No, Not Yours!)

//Pornhub Will Use Artificial Intelligence to Recognize Faces (No, Not Yours!)

Pornhub (for those who do not know it) is a pornographic video hunt portal founded in 2007 by Malcolm Flannigan where the user is facilitated in search of his pleasures through tags, categories, and subcategories. After the first two years of life, it became the most popular industry site in the world.

What is artificial intelligence with Pornhub?

Where there is business, there is technology and innovation, and it’s no surprise that artificial intelligence can be applied in the porn industry: Pornhub is using a face recognition machine learning to catalog the 5 million hot videos on its platform.

Pornhub has adopted a facial recognition software that can distinguish between over 10,000 movie stars and tag it correctly with categories such as “blonde” or “public” or “outdoors” (until now the tags were only inserted by those who upload the videos).

With 80 million daily access to the platform, users will be facilitated in searches, and next year artificial intelligence will also be used to identify other features of the movies.

In an interview with Corey Price, vice president of Pornhub, he told Venture Beat that the company uses AI to accelerate some outdated processes, and that will be more accessible to desired content, the higher the satisfaction.

It will take some time

However, the speed of beta learning in machine learning is not yet a Ferrari: so far it has scanned approximately 50,000 videos in a month, and this step will take years to catalog the content of the site.

And privacy? The implementation of facial recognition technology has worrying implications for privacy: often whoever uploads the videos wants to remain anonymous, and it seems that Pornhub will only categorize the most famous faces already stored in the database and who have already agreed to use it. Plus, porn actors usually do not use their real names.

However, we need to monitor the development and trend of the tags, and indeed the use of the IA will help in managing the amount of video and access to constantly growing users.

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  1. Joan Yancen December 22, 2017 at 12:42 am - Reply

    The pornographic industry, better known as “The other Hollywood” is one of the most profitable and famous enterprises in USA and all over the world with an estimated earning of about 10,000 millions and 14,000 millions of dollars. This industry has shown a high level of competition and it’s calculated that about 12,000 millions of people are hired from around a thousand of companies. As all industries have done, it’s common to see how The Pornographic has interested in the market provided by the technological advance. Artifial intelligence has had a big development through the last years and has offered innovations never seen before. It should be noted that the technological changes have promising works, I hope the humanity use it for things more usefull. Good article, this is an interesting new.

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