Eye See: The Innovative Helmet to Help the Blind

//Eye See: The Innovative Helmet to Help the Blind

Five students from the Kunming University of Science and Technology, a college of south-east China, have been working for a whole year for a really interesting project. The goal was to develop a tool that could help and support both blind and visually impaired people.

Eye See is a helmet whose core component is a laser radar, similar to those used by the automated driving systems mounted on new generation cars: it can perform a full 360 ° omnidirectional scan, identifying and signaling obstacles within 3 meters by means of a special acoustic signal.

Eye See recognizes texts and images

The helmet is equipped with a frontal cam, able to do two indispensable tasks:

1. help the person describing what he sees, thus allowing the visually impaired to get directions of the object or person he faces. All this happens thanks to a small Artificial Intelligence that is equipped with the helmet, which can recognize the colors of clothes worn by the person who is confronted by the recognition of an image, or to hypothesize the age of the person, making a verbal description.

2. Recognize Chinese ideograms and then read it accurately and accurately aloud. This helps to help not only those who do not see, but also people who are visually impaired in reading books, magazines, and posters.

Helmets for people with visual problems had previously been used, especially those named Sonic Eye, which allowed users to track their range of action using a system based on echolocation, used to determine how far or close they were from an object.

But with its text and image recognition software, this helmet seems to be definitely something more innovative and improved.

So far, the five students have filed up to 17 patents, and they do not seem to want to stop, continuing to work on system optimization to make the helmet a support that can be produced in series, making it easily accessible to anyone with blindness or low vision.

We look forward to developments!

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  2. Ogeto Omwancha October 31, 2017 at 5:25 pm - Reply

    Very insightful and interesting article right there. I marvel at the number of innovative startups that surface every day in the digital world and it seems like there is no stopping the tide of startups churning out relevant and interesting technology. It is a fact that Digital technology in the 21st Century has increased efficiency and the quality of life, Eye See, is one such innovation. Just reading through this article, I could not help but think about the many applications of digital technology, especially for people with disabilities or those who get incapacitated by bad accidents. With the current increased interest in Artificial Intelligence, the growth in data analysis tools and techniques, and the growth in the Internet of things, I can only but imagine the great strides such innovations are going to make in the coming years. Indeed, we can just wait and see more (especially for that blind person who was not able to see before!).

  3. Johanna Hernandez December 23, 2017 at 5:37 am - Reply

    This project is facinating, the way in which they are helping blind people is innovative, digital technology is making easier the development of more projects. Artificial intelligence is helping people in their skill development. It should be noted that this project can impulse a good future of education for blind people, faciliting the method of education and the process learning. Besides it opens the door for more projects in medicine field where helping people is the main objetive. Good article!

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