Secrets to Business Success in Social Media

//Secrets to Business Success in Social Media

A successful social media strategy is a growing need in the world of brands. Social media helps organizations develop more meaningful relationships with their best customers.

Companies that thrive on customer relationships and want to empower their business users to get the most out of each point of customer contact, through each stage of the customer’s life cycle, will benefit by adopting social media customer service.

Website Builder has compiled an infographic outlining the benefits and the importance of social media customer care.

Check out the infographics:


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  1. Daniel Ogeto Omwancha November 5, 2017 at 2:45 pm - Reply

    This is a very interesting and informative article. Good social media is evocative and connects with your specific audience on a deeper level. Just as businesses add value to customers’ lives delivering products and services, the best social media campaigns add value to their demographics. Talk to professional online marketers, and they’ll likely tell you about the raw power of social media marketing. Talk to business owners from an older generation, and they’re likely to tell you how social media marketing is a useless fad. Obviously, the former group has an incentive to tell you how great social media marketing is, and the latter group has a negative bias toward digital technology, especially communications technologies. This begs a question though, does it mean that we all need a skill development training on using social media? Does the truth lie somewhere in the middle? Kind of. With proper planning and successful execution, social media marketing can be effective for practically any business including traditional old school firms and new innovative startups. There are still so many opinions out there about small businesses using social media. Have you ever heard a business owner say: “It won’t work for our product”, “It takes up too much time”, “I never know if it’s doing anything…” All of these are valid statements, however probably made from people who have not developed a social media strategy and were just winging it in their efforts. Social media marketing is so much more than just creating a list of content that you intend to publish on Facebook. Entrepreneurs and companies, big and small, need a strategy in place if they want to be effective in social media marketing. Marketing on social media is a lot like how you do business in the real world. To be successful, you need to proactively build authentic relationships with your customers.

    • Oswaldo Antonio December 22, 2017 at 11:40 pm - Reply

      It is very important to clarify that customers and entrepreneurs who do not have a page to open on Facebook or an account on Twitter to improve sales through digital technology. They are, without doubt, the best known and the vast majority decide to start with them. Over time, as long as the publications do not receive a response from users, stop publishing, while buying a waste of time. The problem lies in the ignorance they have about these communication channels. They are not the only senders of the message and the receiver is no longer limited to receiving and listening to what we tell them, but also takes an active part in the communication process. That is, ask, participate, give an opinion, share and comment on the publications. For this reason, it is important that we plan our online marketing campaign, as well as our presence on the Internet and Social Networks. These tips are very useful for those who want to expand their business through the cloud computing. Good post!

  2. Morufu December 25, 2017 at 8:39 pm - Reply

    Humans are social animals and the more we communicate with each other on the level that each person likes best, the more prevalent social media will become. With new and exciting technologies just around the corner, social media will be interesting to see in the coming decades.

    A few years ago, we never knew our digital world, mode of information and communication, learning would have changed this far. Social media started like an experiment, but today, it has grown and it’s still growing at an alarming rate.

    It has affected the way we communicate, interact, share, and do business. It has many benefits both positive and negative. Digital learning, empowering women, brainstorming for solutions, lifestyle yips, entrepreneurship guide, access to current events and personality development are some of the benefits of social media.

    It is my desire that people will continue to use it positively to shape our world and also advocate and discourage its negative use.

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