Exponential Technologies: How Are You Preparing Your Business?

//Exponential Technologies: How Are You Preparing Your Business?

Exponential technologies will revolutionize the company but also different businesses, creating new opportunities to keep up and running.

This is our starting assumption, but let’s take a step back: what exactly is this? We are talking about nanotechnologies, biotechnology, and quantum computing, as well as robotics and 3D printing, which will accelerate in the near future and modify our way of working.

Only a dozen years ago, few of them envisioned so extensive use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, yet today we are assisting them in almost every sector. By following this route, fast technological growth will undoubtedly plummet the way we work, and for this reason, the most forward-looking companies are cautious not to stay behind and to be always ready for progress.

Exponential Technologies: Are You Already Ready?

To stay competitive, you must approach strategically to change. Here are all our tips:

  • Research: To begin exploiting the opportunities of technological innovations, more research hypothesis needs to be built up. Finding a technology, try to figure out how your application might affect your products, your production methods, and the market.
  • Explore: evaluate how others are approaching some technology and whether it is already used in your industry, developing use cases, and outlining the potential benefits of your use.
  • Experience: try to give priority to business houses and build prototypes to understand what to invest.
  • Be programmatic: innovations are usually not accidental, but a constant effort is needed to improve the process of innovation and technological development.
  • Build a more collaborative environment: For your business to be able to adapt to technological change efficiently, employees need the tools to collaborate and share skills and knowledge.
  • Be paranoid: It’s important to be aware that the chances that some competitors innovate and exploit a technology before you are high. Being paranoid means trying to prevent someone else revolving the business model, gaining competitive advantage and leaving others out of the market. Obviously, the longer you wait before thinking about using a certain technology to improve your business, the higher the risk.

Always be alert to privacy: With increasing data available, the privacy factor plays a central role both for the company and for individuals in general. It is, therefore, necessary to implement a flexible data protection plan that minimizes the risk of cyber attacks. Privacy-related threats are enormous and should not be underestimated.

The set of three concomitant factors in this precise historical period will allow the man to make more progress than in the past 200 years. A wide range of emerging technologies, the scientific study of an optimal state of mind that amplifies the potentialities and the hyper-connection of the population will perhaps lead to the famous technological singularity.

And are you ready or are you getting ready to prepare for the exponential technologies?

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  1. Oswaldo Antonio December 22, 2017 at 10:58 pm - Reply

    The breakthrough technology is opening the door to a wide range of possibilities for the business field. Many companies are using exponential technologies to provide effective solutions to the main problems that affect the development of humanity, such as energy, water, food, diseases, education or terrorism. They are technologies that evolve rapidly thanks to the exponential development of computing predicted, in 1969, the founder of Intel, Gordon Moore, through the formulation of the Moore Law. The potential of these innovative technologies and their application in economy, social, environmental security, data security and building of a smart city is defended by some experts of this field affirming that we are in a technological revolution that can change the learning process and the future of the humanity. This is such an interesting matter!

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