3 Questions That Every Resume Should Answer

//3 Questions That Every Resume Should Answer

It is increasingly challenging for job seekers to stand out from the current clatter of so many digital talents. Some companies even receive hundreds of resumes a week, but only 30% of their owners come to an interview. This means that candidates need to think of a way to stand out.

The easiest way to do this is utilizing a cover letter. Many recruiters – in fact, two-thirds of them, according to a Jobvite survey, which helps companies hiring – tell people not to worry about these letters. However, they pass on to the organization the image that you did your homework and are particularly excited about the opportunity. This is a powerful and important message for the recruiter to receive even before they open their resume.

Here are the 3 questions that need to be answered in your resume to help you differentiate yourself from the competition:

1. Does your resume show that you incorporate the culture of the organization?

Before presenting your resume, ask if it highlights the company’s cultural values. Startups or technology companies that grew up fast, for example, are often in search of motivated and proactive professionals. When the founders really want to boost the growth of their startups, they cannot hire employees who are always expecting someone to say what they need to do.

In your resume, highlight how you strive to improve and grow as a person. Showing your professional and personal development is very important. Employers recruit people who identify with the company’s culture; they can easily check if you fit the job profile.

2. Does your resume describe what makes it unique?

Recruiters are looking for candidates who have something unique to show. Were you the first to build your company’s partnership program and double your revenue? Have you created a new concept built on your leadership? Were you led to an organization to build and develop a whole user search process or a training module?

If a candidate includes in his / her curriculum various items that represent the values ​​of the company and contemplate points central to the organization in a creative way, his chances of being hired increase significantly. This shows that the candidate has done his homework, understood and aligned with the values ​​of the company, is ready to take a risk and is still creative.

3. Does your resume demonstrate your excellence?

Look at your resume and see if it shows that no matter what you’ve done, you’ve done very well and are passionate about your field of work. That means you go beyond your current role and you are committed to becoming someone better.

Make sure your resume contains distinctive elements such as being proactive or enhancing a quick succession of promotions.

Your future employer wants you to be motivated to achieve your goals, from your own enthusiasm or interest, without the need for outside pressure. Does your resume prove to your recruiter that you have applied creative tactics to improve work processes? Have you overcome a goal or a goal? Evidentiate projects you’ve worked on that have taken a lot of initiative, such as researching specific books, taking classes online, re-studying or investing in your network.

A strong resume, which answers these questions, will help you stand out in the crowd. Make sure it reflects your culture, shows off your excellence, and makes you unique. This is the key to facing and succeeding in an interview.

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  1. Joan Miguel Siso Yancen December 21, 2017 at 9:35 pm - Reply

    This article is helpful, much more for those who look for the best way of develop their skills to aply in a career. Many times we usually make a resume trusting in a few vague words that don’t show as well as we expect our skills, obtaining bad results, it´s important consider points like those shown above to have a good performance. This is a matter we all need to dominate to success our goals, for me these tips are the best reference to be guided in and can make a efficient resume. Good post, informative and accurate.

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