Overcome The Writer’s Block With Artificial Intelligence

//Overcome The Writer’s Block With Artificial Intelligence

The white page: cross and delight of every writer. Millions of possibilities to free creativity, yet often difficult to realize. Minutes, hours, and page remain blank. It’s called the writer’s block and has a new antidote today: the Artificial Intelligence.

Ask for help with artificial intelligence

The secret weapon in the war at the writer’s block comes from machine learning and in particular from the tool developed by Janelle Shane.

The researcher has built a neural network that can create the first sentence of a novel. How does it work? This is a machine learning process for which the system serves a significant amount of data to learn and generate a consistent result.

In this case, the data consist of the first sentences of famous novels. At first, the data entered was not enough (two hundred sentences about), so the result was very similar phrases and unusable for this purpose.

Janelle needed more data: how to find them? With crowd-sourced, asking the web community. Thanks to the contribution of those who put in other phrases he was able to train the AI ​​so that it generated usable results and in the first two hours he collected about 800 phrases.

Drawing on the results of the tool, any copywriter or novelist may find it helpful to overcome that dreary block.

Not alone AI will live copywriters

This is the last approach to finding a solution to the writer’s block, but since this is a recurring situation, attempts to remedy it have already been multiple, even in the past.

Among these, we can write collectively: a solution that does not aim to solve the problem directly but to prevent it. Sharing a writing project stimulates you to find new ways and feeds on the experience and creativity of other writers.

Another method is to participate in free writing laboratories. A good way to find them is to look for them in Facebook events – if they find many (especially in big cities), they are free and the participants have the most diverse backgrounds.

Today, the tool we have talked about can help you create the first sentence, but can you even write a whole book about autonomy in the future? We just have to be watching!

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  2. Johanna Hernandez December 23, 2017 at 5:23 am - Reply

    Maybe someday artificial intelligence will do what humans do, this idea sounds amazing. It´s an innovative project that can revolutionize the writing field, maybe increasin the number of persons who like to write and recovering all writers and readers that thanks technological development have become “digital” readers. This is a show of what artificial technology is reaching in the different fields of the society, making our lives easier and more practical. This is an interesting new!

  3. Ogeto Omwancha January 3, 2018 at 8:49 am - Reply

    Very interesting article. I never would have thought digital technology would be applied in such a robust manner. The life of the freelance writer consists of a lot of jumping around between projects and pitches. Creativity is therefore a necessary skill; you’ve got to be able to replenish your well of ideas and find new ways to keep producing fresh content. Most of the time, this isn’t a problem because, after all, you don’t get into this line of work if creativity doesn’t come naturally. The thing that causes problems is a variation of every writer’s worst enemy: the dreaded Writer’s Block. The worst sight a writer can behold is a blinking cursor on a blank page. Our human propensity for art can be stifled by the sickness known as “writer’s block,” but we persevere – certain that once the first line is written the rest will form itself. Writer’s block isn’t a physical block, although it might seem like one. Many psychologists and writers agree that when you’re unable to write it’s often the result of fear and doubt. When these feelings arise, it can be difficult or even impossible to get any words down on the page. On the bright side, if you have an AI to aid you and get you started on the first line, then you are in good company.

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