5 Options For Developers Who Want to Work With Blockchain

//5 Options For Developers Who Want to Work With Blockchain

The blockchain is a shark area that begins to be serious about recruitment. If you are a developer who is craving something new, then there are plenty of options.

The term blockchain appears more often. It is still quite unclear how technology will be used on the broad front, but many are convinced that it will be a key to successful digitization in many contexts.

What is the blockchain actually? In short, it can be said that it is about secure (encrypted) distributed transactions or distributed accounting. And it should be possible to use it. Perhaps the most obvious example is managing payments.

As often as new IT solutions win land, developers need to create operational solutions. But where are they going to work?

Computerworld UK provides examples of five types of employers:

1. Startup companies and consortia

Many want to try their luck in this new hot area, and they need developers. An example of such a company is Ripplenet. Since it is about an inefficient technology, some companies also come together to develop standards, often in the form of consortia like R3 that work with standards in the financial sector. Even they need developers.

2. Major technology companies

IBM and Microsoft are hanging out, like Oracle, SAP, and HPE. In particular, they try to build blockchain features into their existing cloud services.

3. Banker

Banks and other companies in the financial sector are naturally joining the blockchain. Secondly, not to be swayed by completely new financial solutions, partly to be creative themselves.

4. Authorities

There are many possible applications for public organizations. One discussed in the UK is to handle student loans.

5. Consulting company

All major, broad consulting companies are building blockchain teams, not least to be able to advise their customers. This often happens through acquisitions. Examples of the global are Deloitte, PWC, and Capgemini.

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  1. Omwancha Daniel January 15, 2018 at 7:45 pm - Reply

    Indeed digital technology has advanced really fast. With Bitcoin as the first decentralized currency in the world and its attraction of more and more attention over the last couple of years, Bitcoin functions with the help of blockchain technology, which itself bases on the chain of transactions blocks. The information about those transactions updates at all devices in the world simultaneously. Although in its early days blockchain was only attractive as a base for stable functioning of every cryptocurrency, today’s researches and new technologies tell us a completely different story: this database can be used almost everywhere, there are social networks, helpful projects of all sorts and even bank services functioning with help of block data keeping system. It surely isn’t the limit, Blockchain’s future looks bright and huge. And that future is something that a lot of people could be afraid of: blockchain can easily replace a lot of bureaucracy system workers, who are only needed to work with databases. At current rate soon comes the day when we won’t even need the people for maintaining the databases and keeping track of statistics — distributed database will be capable of maintaining itself. The rapid rise of blockchain has created a skills shortage, as demand far outstrips the number of talented and experienced individuals who can undertake the tasks that companies are working on. Because of this, it is incredibly difficult for a business to find the right blockchain developer for their needs rising the need for skills development in this area. It’s a good time for blockchain developers, because they are finally able to command a high fee after years of developing their skills on what was once only a passion.

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