How And Why 5G Technology Will Change Our Lives

//How And Why 5G Technology Will Change Our Lives

In 2020, most advanced cities will enter the world of 5G and will be projected into the future: it will be possible to travel 1000 times faster than you are now using 4G technology! To give a realistic example: a two-hour film can be downloaded in 30 seconds. 5g not only speeds up connections, but it can also really change our lifestyle habits!

Change of infrastructure

Before seeing how the 5G can change the future, let’s see how it will work.

The infrastructure system used by the 5G network will be different than in the past: just cells and antennas communicating with cables and fiber, but more cells and more antennas, located at strategic points to create a denser network of cells and signal rebounds.

To avoid signal interference, at a bureaucratic level it was decided to use very high-frequency waves, which travel on a spectrum that is practically unused to date.

Changing the infrastructure will necessarily have to change the tools to connect to the network: smartphones and tablets will have antennas dedicated to 5G.

Change of paradigm

The world in 5G will be hyper-connected, at a speed that we still can not imagine. If the 4G network, designed to improve in aspects such as IP telephony (VoIP), video conferencing and cloud computing, as well as streaming video and online gaming, was already a big step forward compared to 3G, with the introduction of the 5G network will be a real paradigm shift that will affect not only the speed of connection, but many aspects of people’s private and public life, starting from the definitive explosion of the Internet of Things that will revolutionize our way of living the world.

5G and Entertainment

One of the main areas that will be shocked by the 5G is definitely the entertainment world, which will also be one of the first sectors to use technology.

Sport is entertainment, one of the most concrete areas in which we already have two examples of using the 5g network. At the Pyeongchang Olympics the first contents were made with this technology (for example HD videos with drones during the opening ceremony), and at the 2018 World Cup in Russia the 5G network is expected to be integrated.

Huawei and Megafon have taken on the task of creating the necessary infrastructures that will bring enormous benefits to both sports – FIFA has officially introduced the Var and a faster connection will allow immediate answers – that insecurity. In real time, the spectators and the places around the stadium can be controlled through facial recognition and mass monitoring, all thanks to a simple smartphone.

5G for AI, AR, and VR

AI, AR, and VR are two realities that cannot yet make the leap in quality and become mainstream due to the demand for high capacity and bandwidth. The 5G network will, therefore, be the turning point for the large-scale explosion of technologies using Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality.

In terms of Artificial Intelligence, 5G will contribute significantly to the development of unmanned driving. Autonomous vehicles to make correct decisions are certainly based on the brain driven by Artificial Intelligence but also on access to the network, to process data on the cloud.

Doing it with the frequency spectrum of 5G will allow you to respond to the input of the territory quickly, probably even more than what the human brain would do.

Mark Zuckerberg has declared that VR will be the “killer application” for the 5g and has announced Facebook Spaces, a new mode of interaction that will make use of the Oculus to catapult its users into real virtual spaces, allowing a new kind of interaction with your contacts.

The 5G is an opportunity to enrich the user experience on the mobile use, mostly regarding gaming, with both games in the style of Pokemon Go for the mobile e-sports, which is still a niche within a niche of and -sports, but with an assured future.

5G and the Internet of Things

The hyper-connectivity guaranteed by the 5G will encourage the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and improve the communication between the various devices connected to the network: we think of Smart Home and the potential for control, security, and management of your home remotely.

With a simple smartphone faster and more powerful, we will be able to simultaneously manage all home automation appliances in our home, without the application blocking as is now happening with the 4G.

In this perspective, the evolution of a world in 5G will be very positive also in terms of Green Economy : Smart Home, Smart City, Smart Grid, will finally be not only the beautiful terms and abstract concepts to fall in love and dream but reality concrete in which we will live, where consumption and energy will also be optimized thanks to the development of the networks.

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  1. Ogeto Omwancha July 2, 2018 at 6:20 am - Reply

    Very insightful and educative article. With the rapid advances of digital technology, we’ve probably all become well-acquainted with using 3G or 4G. However, it won’t be long before we have 5G smartphones in our hands too. 5G will have some similarities to 4G. However, it will have more reliable mobile connection speeds than ever before, as well as the ability to handle thousands of connections without a compromise on connection quality. As well as dramatically improving our smartphone connections, 5G will transform every individual communication within our lives. No longer will we be just be able to connect to other people around the world. Every object and thing will be connected too. This includes everything from being alerted about potential collisions whilst driving your car, to your coffee machine being linked to your alarm clock so that it has a drink ready as soon as you wake up. The impact it will have on businesses will be enormous too. From healthcare workers being able to monitor and react instantly to the progress of their patients with wearable technology, to the end of 9 to 5 working hours as workers can seamlessly work from home and respond as instantly as if they are physically in an office all together. Its clear 5G will take over the world and turn it into an ‘always connected’ and ‘instantly reachable’ environment.

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