A Smartphone Case That is Able to Measure Blood Pressure

//A Smartphone Case That is Able to Measure Blood Pressure

There was a time when cell phones were already considered the mark of technology simply by making calls, later by sending text messages, then by accessing the internet. Already these days they can measure your heart rate simply by placing your finger on the fingerprint reader, the same one you use to unlock your phone. But what else can they do?

Even though Samsung has recently patented the same function, a still-developing smartphone case that promises to measure your blood pressure through a sensor where you should press with your finger, instead of using heavy wristbands for the wrist or arm.

In partnership with the University of California, San Francisco, Samsung will introduce an application that will enable user blood pressure measurement with a new and improved sensor on the back of your smartphone.

There are a vast variety of applications in the Play Store that use the camera or the LEDs for lighting promising an accurate reading of blood pressure, but these usually show an always low result, as if the user had a health problem. But measuring this new sensor from Samsung promises to raise that level to a plateau above.

This developing case also uses a sensor, working in conjunction with an application that indicates how strong a person has to finger the sensor so that accurate blood pressure can be measured. The developers tested the prototype with 30 people and found that they learned faster how to use this prototype compared to a specific blood pressure meter.

The results when compared with other examples of blood pressure meters that are the same as the case – sensors that only require a finger to measure – are in agreement, however when compared to specific meters the results vary. So much work remains to be done in order to refine this measurement. The patent was made and licensed to the company Digitouch Health, and it is likely that we will have news reports on the improvement of this technology soon.

But what do you think of this possibility of measuring our blood pressure with the help of a smartphone case? Would you trust the result?

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  1. Daniel Ogeto O May 13, 2018 at 3:34 pm - Reply

    Very interesting article on the application of technology in solving health related challenges. When you think that digital technology would not advance any faster, you get easily short-changed by the intense way technology is applied and the many innovative startups that dot the digital landscape. This new innovation, if it works right, will save many lives. High blood pressure, or hypertension, can cause strokes, heart attacks, and kidney failure. But measuring blood pressure is notoriously difficult. To make it even worse, measuring blood pressure outside of the hospital is difficult. With a way to measure blood pressure in a portable and easy-to-use form, users will be able to check their blood pressure multiple times in a day. In addition, the attachment of the technology to a smartphone will make it more accessible to developing countries, where residents have limited access to doctors but often own smartphones.

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