Tupperware Develops With NASA a Product For Growing Vegetables in Space

//Tupperware Develops With NASA a Product For Growing Vegetables in Space

Do you know those plastic jars you use at home to store food? Well, now Tupperware Brands has developed, in partnership with NASA and TechShot, a space engineering company, a product exclusively dedicated to growing vegetables in space.

The product is called POND, an acronym for Passive Orbital Nutrient Delivery System and was developed with technology created on the International Space Station (ISS). The astronauts, in 2014, developed the “Veggie”, a system for planting consumable leaves and vegetables in space. From there, Tupperware began collaborating to create a product that used fewer resources for production, even in a hostile environment such as the space station.

The POND works as follows: divided into two levels, the first being a lower black compartment where the plant is located, and the other is a removable transparent water control cover, which together functions as an equivalent space to Earth for plant cultivation. Six units were shipped to the ISS last week, along with SpaceX’s release of extras and equipment. Six others are already scheduled to ship next month.

The goal has always been to meet consumer needs, whether for microwave products or food processors that do not require electricity, and Tupperware Brands includes products that contribute to the growth of vegetation in space.

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  1. Ogeto Omwancha June 10, 2018 at 6:47 pm - Reply

    Amazing article and interesting how far digital technology has advanced and enabled us to achieve. It is a fact that growing vegetables in space using normal processes as we do on earth is a fool’s errand; they simply will not grow. Amid plans to send humans to planet Mars, scientists acknowledge the importance of growing plants and consuming fresh foods for astronauts in deep space missions. For decades, airtight plastic containers have been synonymous with keeping baked goods and leftovers fresh. So it is not really surprising that a manufacturer of iconic, household plastic ware is helping provide fresh food in space. This innovative way of producing fresh vegetables is sure to boost the space industry and bring more comfort in future space travel missions.

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