Why Is Internet Of Things So Important?

//Why Is Internet Of Things So Important?

With gigantic volumes of data, in an increasingly connected and metric environment, the “internet of things” has gained importance with frightening speed. Whether in simple systems or the most complex and intricate systems, internet of things (IoT) has proven to be a valuable technology for the collection, management and rational use of information.

Taking as one of the driving forces behind the digital transformation, by pushing and sustaining innovation processes in all areas, with security and scalability, the Internet of Things will have no less than 34 billion connected devices by 2020, in a number that can be revised upwards briefly.

Why is this technology so attractive? What benefit does it bring to the business? In this new world we are living, with intelligent, liquid ecosystems, 24 x 7 – something we insist on mentioning whenever possible – avoiding failures, having redundancies and knowing how to prioritize what is needed is fundamental. That’s why IoT has grown to – and will still grow – a lot!

Is not it cool to collect the data right in the cloud? Is it not sensational and infinitely more intelligent to measure everything, but only to record what is really important, what actually brings something new or authentic insights?

We can avoid a lot of noise and waste of time by managing, from the source, what is really determinant in specific areas, contributing to the creation of so-called data marts: data repositories aimed at directed responses. Bingo!

If your business wants to enter the 21st century – if it has not already done so – IoT is one of the topics that you and your team need to consider in order to optimize their structure and amplify results.

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  1. Ogeto Omwancha June 27, 2018 at 5:46 am - Reply

    Very educative and insightful article. Indeed digital technology has come a long way and many innovative startups are catching on in the chase after the interconnectivity of all devices prominently known as the Internet of Things (IOT). In general, the IoT promotes a heightened level of awareness about our world, and a platform from which to monitor the reactions to the changing conditions that said awareness exposes us to. And, like the advent of the Internet itself, the IoT enables myriad applications ranging from the micro to the macro, and from the trivial to the critical. Imagine a world in which every device in the home, workplace and car are connected. A world where the lights automatically turn on when the car approaches the driveway, the coffee starts brewing when the morning alarm goes off and the front door automatically unlocks when approached by a member of the household, but stays locked when a stranger arrives on the front step. That is the type of world the Internet of Things can create. For humanity, which is moderately clutter by nature, the IoT is an extraordinary advancement. On the other hand, for individuals who esteem their security, the Man to Man helps in interconnecting different electronic gadgets. IOT has arrived with a highly believable promise of giving individuals few more free hours by automating few tasks and boosting productivity of businesses by making better use of data.

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