10 Most Bizarre Cryptocurrency On The Internet

//10 Most Bizarre Cryptocurrency On The Internet

The Cryptocurrencies are definitely here to stay. In recent times, negotiations using digital currencies have been on the rise, and with the popularization of the resource, debates about its regularization are recorded continuously.

In several countries, its use has already been integrated into commercialization, while in other places, there has been prohibition and even bills to criminalize such transactions. Many platforms and services such as Telegram, Kodak, Samsung, and Facebook, already think of ways to crack crypto-coins in their business, and interestingly, it is even possible to mine digital coins through the heat of the human body.

In any case, the natural course of cryptocurrency growth obviously led to the creation of alternative versions. Bizarre names and origins embody various digital currencies, and as a result, we decided to gather here the 10 strangest ones that circulate the internet. Check out:


Forget the coins collected at Donkey Kong Country. Launched recently, Bananacoin may seem like a joke at first glance, but the cryptocurrency actually has a proposal (strange, but still, a proposal): its value is tied to the export price of bananas. The mission of the digital currency is to assist in the cultivation of organic bananas through the first ecological plantation in Laos, a country located in Southeast Asia. Curious, is not it?


The way President Donald Trump manages his country may not please everyone, but it is undeniable that he has people who support him in any way. TrumpCoins are meant to “support the president and his vision of making the United States a big country again. The ambassadors of this cryptocurrency need to publish articles weekly on the Facebook page to win them, making the whole process somewhat of a doctrinaire.


The “Doge” meme came out a few years ago, based on a Shiba dog from Japan. The game is still sporadically used here and there by relatively old Internet users, while its currency is famous in the crypto-coins market. DogeCoin has even sponsored Nasdaq racing cars and the opening of water wells in Africa, as well as sending the teams of exotic sports bobsled to the Winter Olympics. Its value already reaches almost 2 billion.


The name itself says a lot about this cryptocurrency, but if it has not been clear, SexCoin is the first digital currency aimed at the adult entertainment industry. Its use is aimed at the acquisition of products aimed at people over 18 years of age.


The cannabis industry could not be left out of the cryptomedical party. PotCoin was created so that merchants and customers could use a platform dedicated to buying and selling marijuana-related products. The currency’s value is high and has even patronized Dennis Rodman’s trip to North Korea.


Similar to TrumpCoin, this crypto-currency was created to honor the President and people of Russia. There is a variant of the digital coin called PutinClassic, and this, in turn, is considered as the “first crypto-currency used as a souvenir.”


Before you think this digital currency is meant to make contact with aliens or any similar act, know that it has hit the market recently, and fortunately or unfortunately, it has no relation to ETs. UFO Coin uses the so-called neoscrpyt technology to encrypt some feature further and thus create an extra layer of protection for the network. The main developer of the cryptocurrency, Peter Bushnell, is a former miner of Bitcoins.


Another newbie in the market is the DentaCoin. This, however, is intended for the global dental industry and is already accepted as a means of payment in clinics with which it has the partnership.

Legends Room

This digital currency is destined for a group named after the namesake of Las Vegas. The Legends Room is the world’s first gentlemen’s club to host its own cryptoman. To receive a lifetime membership, you must collect five thousand coins. Legends Room fans guarantee a 20% discount on drinks and casino services (games are not included in the offer), while members earn 50%.

Useless Ethereum Token

This other cryptocurrency, although often regarded as a joke, is considered the most honest digital currency on the market. When acquiring a Useless Ethereum Token (UET), the user receives completely useless coins in return, even the name itself warning of its value: zero. Its slogan is “worthless, without security, without product.”

Some coins are too interesting to be left out of this list and therefore have gained a little space amid the honorable mentions. This is the case of Coinye West, named after the singer Kanye West, which is worth practically nothing and that resulted in a suit to its creators for infringing copyright when using the face of the artist in its logo.

PotatoCoin Spuds, for its part, has an ambitious idea in its concept, which is to improve conditions for farmers in Africa.

As for Unobtanium UNO, it has nothing to do with the game UNO; in fact, the cryptomaniac has this name because of a term used in engineering and fictitious thinking to describe an extremely rare and expensive material.

Lastly, there is still FuckToken, which offers its investors a unique opportunity to express how they really feel and connect, literally, of * $ @ -%.

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