How Artificial Intelligence is Helping in the Most Diverse Professions

//How Artificial Intelligence is Helping in the Most Diverse Professions

When it comes to artificial intelligence – one of the hottest nowadays in the technology industry – it is natural to think of robots and that pessimistic side of domination of the human race, or personal assistants for everyday life.

But this technology has many other useful and exciting applications involving calculations, manual tasks, and decision making. Do you know of any examples? We are very close to several of these advances, and you will now know some of them.

1. Cooking

The amateur and professional kitchen already receives the help of the artificial intelligence of varied forms. One of the novelties is an algorithm from MIT that analyzes food photos and tells what the ingredients of the product are, formulating the recipe on time. The combination of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things makes your appliances and products connected with intelligent functions.

In the professional sector, calculations and forecasts help restaurants customize individual and personalized menus by combining the available dishes and based on customer data, from allergies to personal tastes.

In addition, some restaurants around the world already use robotic assistants powered by AI. Flippy, for example, helps fry hamburgers and knows exactly when to turn the meat on the plate.

2. Photo and video editing

Some artificial intelligence aimed at the content production and editing market is already able to reconstruct images that have been deleted. Others are able to do mass work by copying the editing style from one photo to another.

On the video, the work is even more impressive. Algorithms can already transform ordinary videos into slow-motion scenes automatically, generating extra frames per second.

3. Journalism

Yes, even writing is already modernizing with these applications. Well-trained algorithms can handle large volumes of information and organize them most appropriately. Public databases and transparency portals, for example, can yield incredible materials if they are filtered by an AI.

In the most practical part, machines can already write news without the help of a human. Short matters, such as match schedules or events such as earthquakes, can be made with a formula. Thus, human journalists use the time for special reporting and other content.

4. Medicine

Artificial intelligence also helps save lives. Algorithms can perform the screening of patients before the consultations or even diagnoses. They are able to compare exams and symptoms with a whole database.

The technology can still be applied with image processing, resulting in the creation of 3D models of the body. This helps a surgeon define the method of intervention and even simulate the procedures to be more precise.

Be part of this future

The application of artificial intelligence will not end short-term jobs. It can replace some jobs, but the presence of humans is essential in these environments to review the contents produced and give the human touch that machines are not able to provide. In addition, there is a huge amount of new jobs will be created to develop and deal with all this technology.

Did you feel like starting to work with artificial intelligence? Let us know.

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