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Blog Content Creation

Tell Your Story

Stories matter. Better ones make a difference.

We launch your brands through innovative digital marketing, from conception to creation to conversion. We combine our creative power of specialist writers, designers, and storytellers with contents of your highest-value prospects. We understand your audience. Leveraging our SEO expertise across a number of industry-specific writing teams, we put high quality at the forefront of your content.

As one of the leading content marketing partners, the content of your blog is intended to capture website traffic, define your services and brand and address customer pain points. A reliable blog writing serves as the entry point to your sales funnel, and that’s where we have developed our creation process mapping every aspect to your commercial goals.

Our writers utilize Google Analytics, BuzzSumo, Moz, and other proprietary tools to lay the foundation for your blog contents. We know the industry development, the topics and trends, the keywords, the targeted audiences, and all other perspectives before we put pen to paper.

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Infographics & Visual Design

Infographics & Visual Design is about developing and managing your presence on social media and, more broadly, the Internet.

Visual Design aims to unite a community around shared interests related to your brand, your products, and services, to better qualify the needs of this community and align your marketing strategy accordingly.


Infographics & Visual Design is about developing and managing your presence in online communities (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, …). It, therefore, includes several activities and tasks:

  • Social Media Watch
  • Panorama of the current e-reputation
  • Competitive analysis
  • Animation strategy
  • Charter of use of social networks;
  • Organization of unifying events (contests, challenges …)
  • Editorial animation and moderation
  • Regular reporting

For you

You want to set up a reputation strategy and increase your visibility on the Internet

You lack in-house expertise, or resources, or time to animate a Facebook page and/or a Twitter feed

You want an outside referee on conversational marketing best practices and a community and social media-oriented content strategy

Our added value

Our community visual designers master the arcane conversational communication strategies and have a perfect understanding of the viral dynamics of the social web. In addition, they are also able to manage potential conflict situations, and they are looking forward to identifying synergies and achieving results.

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Website Content

Unleash the Power of your site with our Expert Website Content Writing Services!

Your website is your identity on the Internet, and it is the single most crucial point of contact to engage with users, prospects, and customers. From simple and straightforward information sharing platforms, websites have evolved into full-fledged services and sales portals. Average and not clear content on your site creates doubt and awkwardness about your company in visitors’ minds and can drive away their business.

It is more often been said that “Content is King.” And if the content is king, then your gateway to the world through your website is your kingdom! Various studies and statistics show that an average user spends less than 10 to 15 seconds on a web page. Within such a tight timeline and even with a well-articulated designed website, if you go wrong in terms of website content, then it is pretty much game over.

At Learning Simplify, we offer precise website content writing services as per the business needs to ensure that search engines and visitors find your website and your services. Our website content writers understand and evaluate your business, your products, and services, your right target audience as well as your competitors in the market to deliver website content that is customized for your needs and niche.

Get in touch to understand more about our website content writing services.

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SEO copywriting

Unleash the Power of your site with our Expert Website Content Writing Services!

What’s this?

SEO writing consists of writing your content and web pages by integrating the queries and keywords used by your targets.

SEO writing allows you to adapt your content to the very nature of the Internet, the media of demand, where the user tends to solicit a search engine to find information.


Web writing combines ergonomics and editorial referencing. By adapting the editorial production to the target page and queries, we increase the output of your editorial heritage.

SEO writing can include several different and complementary deliverables, beyond the writing itself:

  • Writing metadata
  • SEO rewriting of existing content
  • SEO copywriting of new opportunistic content (landing page type, etc.)
  • Long-term editorial animation
  • Prioritization of actions and messages

For you

You produce a lot of content and want it to help increase your visibility in search engines
Want to appear quickly and steadily in a good position in Google on certain product lines of your eCommerce site
You want to ensure a return on maximum attention of the contents that you will produce as part of a project of lead generation and nurturing

Our added value

Our editorial project managers work in close consultation with our writers and specialized in a variety of B2C and B2B sectors: Technology, Insurance, Money, Auto, Banking, Wellbeing, Cooking, Deco, Energy, Children, Consumer, Housing, Garden, Leisure, Motorcycle, Techno, Tourism, etc.

Together, they produce high value-added SEO content, appreciated by human readers and search engines.

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Newsletters & Email Copy

Give your customers a human touch of your business with our Newsletter and Email Writing Services

A newsletter is one of the most efficient and cheapest ways of marketing your online business. If you want to share stories and new ideas about major developments and events in your company, your achievements, your partners and your employees’ success stories, and upcoming events, you should publish a newsletter or email copy. Depending upon the type of your services, your newsletter can be an online or offline newsletter and can be circulated daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or more customized way.

With our newsletter and email writing service, you can form the opinion of your audience through expressed way and can promote your brand image and that of your services and products. Moreover, a well-written newsletter content can help your business position itself at the top of the ladder.

At Learning Simplify, our expert writers create engaging and visually aesthetic newsletters that convert potential prospects into customers. From planning the overall design, theme, and layout to finalizing the newsletter content sections, distribution modes, and frequency, we help you make all the right and correct decisions.

Get in touch to understand more about our Newsletters & Email writing services.

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Product Descriptions (Technical & Non-Technical)

Entice your Prospects with Attractive Product Descriptions

Customers no longer want products to be directly sold to them simplify by asking them to purchase; they want to be told and know more about the products. A well-written product description (whether your production falls into the technology section or non-technology section) can make a big difference as to how your products are perceived and the resulting conversion of a prospect into a customer.

Our Product Description Writing Service simplifies the writing product descriptions that include – providing required knowledge to your target audience, directing them to admire your product and exploring their potential queries.

Whether you want product descriptions for your existing products or upcoming products or for making them visible on your e-com site, blog pages, whether you want a long or short description, technical or rudimentary, our team is skillful at offering them in clear, definite terms.

Our product description writers can write technical specifications, unique information that you may provide us. Moreover, we will go an extra step and even research your competitors’ products to segregate your product from theirs!

Get in touch to understand more about our Product Descriptions services.

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